Monday 3 November 2014

Rochester and Strood Defend the NHS from privatisation VOTE support the People before Profit candidate

Kent Messinger
UKIP_Les wrote: "All Parties privatise the NHS with probably the Labour devised PFI scheme being the worst so far."

Agreed, PFI is a terrible rip off.
Darrent Valley's PFI started off in 2001 costing £12 million, by 2011 it was double that. This year it's £27 million and it's still going up. By 2032 it'll be £40 million. To keep paying the PFI Darrent Valley is going to have to find an extra one or two mill a year, every year, for the next twenty years.  Where is Darrent Valley going get the money from? 'Saving'(that's 'cuts' to you and me)? But there's a limit. At some point the hospital will go bust. That's when they'll come after St. Bartholomew's.

Now tell me what UKIP is going to do about all these PFI deals that are bleeding the NHS dry?

If your really concerned about saving the NHS then you'd be better off supporting Nick Long of People Before Profit.

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