Sunday, 27 August 2017

#FreeHisham Al-Omeisy #Twitterstorm to show #Solidarity with #Yemen tuesday 29 August 7-8pm GMT Make the world Listen

We are Organising a global twitter storm on Tuesday to insure Hisham is kept alive and well and that we can organise a global network to lobby Governments and Embassys to get The Voice of
#Yemon free .

We also want to set up protests at Government offices and be the media the MSM chose not to be when it comes to Yemen and the conflict it creates for our Govwith its mates the saudi Government.

Please Join and help make this trend and from your sofa you can use you social media to put one our elected leaders to act on Hisham and Yemen . This is about Life and Death.

Happy to give TV and Radio interview links with people directly in Yemen NOW and those of us fighting to raise profile in all countries . 

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