Tuesday 29 August 2017

How to Twitter Storm #FreeHisham Al -Omeisy

Tuesday 29 August will see the Launch of the first twitter storm in the UK in support of #FreeHisham and in Solidarity with Yemen and then EVERY Tuesday until his release.

New York started this last week and civil rights campaigners are also organising country by country to insure Hisham  Al -Omeisy profile is so high that the people who snatched him from his wife and two children in the night will not want a International backlash by torturing him  or being party to his murder like far to many civil rights activists before him.

This Twitter Storm is to help people get active even from their sofa.
To lobby Governments MPs and media to force action and talks to end the War in Yemen and for the UN to carry out investigation into War crimes and the missing.

Tuesday  Twitter Storm is 7-8PM UK (  GMT ) time just match the time on your smart phone to get the time in your City and Country.

We Need to work with people we may not like , but must for the common good on this issue.
Hisham life is in OUR hands.

If you cannot join the twitter storm at these times, please tweet as many messages and stories with #FreeHisham    a  hash tag is this    # and then by Adding FreeHisham you get the tag and tweet before or after the time slot.

If you are new, just go to the search twitter on top right of your phone and put in the search section #FreeHisham.

You can just click on the #FreeHisham  hashtag if it makes life easy , but always include the Hashtag, you can also plan in advance and put your tweets into draft, it is also good to include leader political leaders in your tweets even if they ignore you, your tweet will hit their timeline and be read and noted. So Heads of State. leaders of your country who have power to speak out . UN .EU and ALL Saudi embassies and saudi Organisations.

To reply and comment click on the bottom right of the tweet next to the like and favourite  button this will make it easier to follow and engage in this specific aspect of our campaign.

If you do not wish to comment or reply tweet as many tweets as you can with the #FreeHisham  hash tag within the copy.

People in Yemen are tweeting at huge personal risk so it would be great if you follow them, the more followers they have the safer we can protect them

Every week a action will be taking place at a Saudi Embassy of the Offices of the Government Department  that deals with International affairs.

We are  organising  protests at Saudi Embassy across the World starting with UK  September 1pm 16 Curzon Street Mayfair
2pm at Foreign Office London  King Street Westminster SW1A@AH. Email raymondwoolford@aol.com to help or to list your event/Action for the twitter storm.

You can organise your own protest and print of the many images to use and then tweet from the location.

At Home ? You can go to google and search all Saudi Embassy sites and you can in the review part Upload FREE a FreeHisham Picture as below and in the review say #FreeHisham Solidarity 4 Yemen  it costs nothing takes seconds and YOU can help insure every Embassy in the World is aware of This campaign

Even as one person your tweet and action can be seen by people across the World. Our Main stream media and Government is failing the people of Yemen we are Hisham..
 His life can be saved by YOUR Support.  every tiny tweet , letter, blog email to your MP , brings peace closer .

The images below show Hisham, The Children injured in war are alive, the family were killed by a Saudi bomb , probably made in the UK

When you tweet . Seek always to include twitter accounts of  Saudi Embassy , and your countries Minister responsible for International affairs..they will not respond but they will note the global concern , do the same with anyone in public life in your Country again even if they do not reply, they will be aware and Saudi Government will have no idea what is going on but should take MORE care and be we hope more supportive of peace.

Play include your countries Media in your tweets and why not organise your own twitter storm in YOUR country? does NOT need to be in English

Ray Barron Woolford

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