Friday, 10 November 2017

Kath Duncan Liberty my new play on the struggle 4 civil liberties based on true historical events as published in my new 2B published book #LastQueenOfScotland

When i started my food bank four  years ago, i never thought three  books later i would have spent three years researching  the life of a woman , in my view probably the most important civil rights activist of the past 100 years and shamefully erased almost from history in Scotland and UK.
My book Last Queen of Scotland will be out after Christmas , but my play and this chapter in Kath Duncan life will be published December, so hope you  buy a copy, best £10 you will spend, supports my work and helps restore this amazing woman to her rightful place in history.
I hope every drama , theatre production group across the world will think about performing this play, based on true events that lead to the establishment of The National council of Civil Liberties, that to day we call LIBERTY.
I do find it amazing that more people in the UK no about the USA civil rights movement than the one in their own country, i hope this plays, does Kath and the story justice.
These are the 3 cover designs for the play-Book, which from 1-3 do you think is the most commercial and most likely to buy tickets ore the book ?.
You can direct mail me to order a signed copy ready for Christmas.
Welcome interest from Publishers and Theatre groups looking to perform this play. The first time the story of UK civil rights movement been written .

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