Wednesday, 15 November 2017

#UniversalCredit being interviewed for RT television on the likely impact of this reform being rolled out at #Christmas . Poverty the media story of our times

Thanks to my book Food Bank Britain, have been invited to share my concerns on Universal Credit which will make a terrible impact on millions this Christmas, for a news programme going out on RT Television  one of a long line of media interviews on this issue.
My point is that the concept of a single welfare payment not unlike a basic universal wage, is a great idea...but here is the catch, this is being imposed at Christmas when most people are in need of fuel to keep warm, the school holidays and all the economic pressures that Christmas puts on families, so to stop people having  any income in December and having to wait until January , is not just a bad idea, in my view is cruel and mean spirited, but then Welfare from this Government long ago moved away from being about help and support for people most in need, to be a punishment  for those  at the bottom of the food chain, although the Mrs May seems to have not noted that some of the hardest hit by this policy will be the self employed and small business the back bone of the UK economy who need people with pounds in their pockets to spend at Christmas, further more, this Gov seem to think that the crises can be addressed and picked up by the only growth from this Gov, Food Banks, which clearly they cannot be expected to feed millions more than the 3 million plus they already do as direct result of Gov ill thought out policy agenda.
My RT Television spot should be on your screens first week December, Will the Gov listen? Clearly not Hate, bashing the poor is very 2017 .
Buy my book, clearly we are going to need the funds it produces to feed ever more people in the coming months.

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