Monday 6 August 2018

School holiday poverty and food bank food shortages

Whilst working in Liverpool today, got last minute call to go on LBC radio lunch time show to talk about kids going hungry in school holidays and food banks running out of food. 
I am never told how long i am going to be able to speak, so when i hear those magic words. * Ray whats you thoughts on this * i just go for it. i was able to state how can it be right that a Government that thinks kids need free meals during term time , should starve kids during school holidays? . I was also ablee to highlight the cuts impact in which youth clubs and community centres have been closed, Councils and schools are failing to hand over buildings during school holidays to community projects happy to run holiday clubs for free, but need a building to operate, so the issue is much larger than kids hungry and food banks running out of food.
I highlighted number of empty buildings across UK , the problem food banks and out reach projects have in not just finding space to operate, but storage for fresh fruit and fresh fish and meat and dairy, is it really acceptable our kids only netbeans and slice of bread? . before being cut from the airwaves i was able to high light Tory Minster Esther McVay who is to spend £280,000 carrying out a report to discover if Welfare reform is effecting food bank use..This is no joke or April fool , think what we could do with this cash? . I pointed out she could get the information for free, but just nipping into her local #foodbank or having a chat at the pub, or her nearest bus stop.. sadly i think this was more than enough for LBC right wing presenter, but they keep having me on the station , so i must be doing something right and Martha my neighbour across the road whose 86 and only listens to LBC tells me i talk a lot of sense and all her friends listen out for me. 
You can always support my work, by buying my book #FoodBankBritain on sale as ebook or paper back online .
Today i also got back my freedom of information requests on the number of people in social and council housing evicted these days , it makes shocking reading as i start writing this for , The London Economic who publish my articles these days. hope to have it published next week.

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