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Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network ; Launched 14 August 2019 . ( Kath Died 14 August 1954 getting sick as direct result her 2 jail terms )

The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network is a much-needed and long-overdue radical new organisation that seeks to bring together grassroots groups from across the globe who are already engaged in tackling issues of inequality and civil, human, and animal rights abuses. The network will facilitate cooperation between groups and the rapid and efficient deployment of resources and focusing and targeting of direct action on an issue-by-issue basis that will amplify the range, force and impact of individual, local campaigns to achieve significant and tangible results and drive through real change. This could not be more urgent as civil, human and animal rights are sacrificed to the globalised and increasingly lawless scrabble for profit on the part of big business and nation states that are more and more panicked and morally rudderless, to the utter detriment of civil society and the natural environment. 
We want The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network to be a registered charity and urgently ask for your support to help raise the £5000 we need from donations to make this possible. Please chip in here;  This will be the first step in establishing a credible and highly effective organisation free of the vested interests and dependence on state funding which, between them, seem to have paralysed the effectiveness of this sector, a sector that has grown massively in officially registered turnover and in the number of people it employs but which, in far too many cases, is increasingly forgetting its founding principles at a time when the need for these very principles and the action they require has never been so great. In contrast to such corporatisation, we want The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network to be funded entirely by its supporters through donations and monthly subscriptions so we can make long-term plans to effectively challenge and combat injustice, inequality, and the immoral and unsustainable exploitation of humans, animals and the natural environment in all its forms. Such a funding model will enable to Network to campaign freely and effectively, and without the restrictions and compromises more corporatized groups find it difficult to avoid, such as charities whose task is to assist homeless people being compelled to provide information to the Home Office which has in some cases resulted in the illegal deportation of vulnerable individuals.
Today, The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network is launching its first Westminster petition, which we ask you to sign and share. We are petitioning for a change in the law that stipulates that the government of the United Kingdom has a duty of care to protect all UK citizens abroad. Most people think that such a duty already exists but it does not. Just consider the case of Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe,

a British citizen who was arrested in Tehran on a routine visit to see her parents and has been detained for the past three and a half years without any semblance of due legal process, while her young daughter, also a British citizen, has had her British passport illegally confiscated and has been prevented from being reunited with her father. These British citizens were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught up in others’ wars and intrigues, and the frightening thing is that any one of us could be the Ratcliffes. There are currently 2000 Britons in jails around the world, 1000 of whom are being held without charge. Our petition aims to ensure that the government has a legal obligation to do 
something about this and that the current passivity and inaction of the Foreign Office can no longer be an option. Please sign both these  petitions  today.…

We believe it is quite unacceptable that the interests of the largest minority in Britain, the 12 million people whom the present government admits live in poverty, are not officially represented in government. The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network therefore intends to campaign to see all political parties in the UK and Europe appoint a Minister for the Eradication of Poverty. Such an office is both morally and economically necessary: the Joseph Roundtree Federation confirms that poverty costs the UK a staggering £78 billion a year, in addition to the devastating personal, social, cultural and political damage it causes. Please support us with your donations so that we can lobby every politician in our domestic  parties and in the EU to make this a priority. 
The immoral exploitation of animals tarnishes our society. Performing whales and dolphins, decimating migratory birds, bull fighting, bear baiting, the sale of kittens and puppies in supermarkets (such as Carrefour, Europe’s largest supermarket chain), all of these and their like have no place in a civilised society. The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network wants to bring about a totally fresh approach to these issues, with new ideas for targeted campaigning and direct action to bring this cruelty and exploitation to an end. Please support us by making a donation or becoming a subscriber. 
In the midst of the summer PRIDE celebrations, it might seem that the battle for LGBTQ rights and equality has been won, but in 72 countries, including members of the Commonwealth, it is still a crime to be LGBTQ and having a non-cis sexual orientation can lead to imprisonment and death. Many LGBTQ people also have very real concerns that the campaigning organisations in affluent western societies have become too complacent and corporatized and that PRIDE itself has become an elaborate corporate hospitality event and has forgotten that PRIDE is and was a protest. Reclaim Pride, for example, argue that there is a problem if you feel that you can take part in PRIDE events while you are indifferent to or even cooperate in the deportation of LGBTQ people to an uncertain future, or if your support for the cause stops at the point where the defence of civil and human rights comes into conflict with the profit motive. 
"The only reason I'm able to be up here, is because of all the people that have come before me, that have fought for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people" 🏳️‍🌈❤
This is how you use your platform 💗@alexander_olly⁩ #Glastonbury2019

The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network is named after and in honour of Kath Duncan, a working-class hero who fought all her life against injustice, bigotry, intolerance and inequality but whose achievements and legacy have almost been completely forgotten, as is all too often the case with significant historical figures who are female and working class. Kath Duncan was a teacher and The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network will campaign to have working class history and the inspirational stories of people like Kath Duncan taught in our schools, and will support innovative theatre, film, music and art projects that will help young people to engage with true stories that inspire and help to eradicate the specious ideas that are often used to fuel hate, bigotry and racism, to prevent real education, and maintain oppression. The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network aims to transform who we are and how we see each other from our children up. Please join us. Become a friend of The Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network or, if you are an officer of a group or association, become a subscriber and join the Network. We all need change, not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW. 

How you can help us NOW ;
As a grass roots global organisation we are funded by ordinary people and organisations that care passionately about the issues we campaign on, our work is tough and we hope you can spare a donation , organise a fund raising event , remember us in your will. to fund our work in which every penny counts We need this £5000 TODAY to secure our Charity statues so we can truly win our campaigns NOW. Please help .
We are presently running the Monthly Twitter Storm first Thursday in Every month 8-9pm GMT on #freeNazanin #Hungry4Justice #Kids4Nazanin Hash tags .
We are presently coordinating schools and parents across the globe supporting our campaign in Solidarity with 5 year old Gabriella Ratcliffe to send 1 million postcards of Love to Iran President in the hope Children can melt his heart when  adults have failed.
We are about to Launch new campaign to STOP kittens and Puppies being sold in EU supermarkets as is presently the case as we feel Animals should not be sold in this way & to stop the capture of wild birds to end up in show box cages in far too many front room windows. .
We are About to Launch a Westminster Petition to Force the Government to have a legal ( NOT Discretionary )  obligation to do more to help UK Citizens who find themselves through no fault of their own in trouble abroad , like Nazaine Zaghari-Ratcliffe Caught up in some one else’s war, being in wrong place at wrong time. 
We are taking our campaign & motion  to secure a Minister for Poverty presently passed by Labour local parties and Blackpool party conference to ALL party conferences including the EU . with Joseph Rowntree foundation report stating its costs us all and OUR economy £69.2 Billion to public service. We can no longer afford the moral or the economic cost . we need to raise £4000 to cover costs to lobby every elected politician to bring this about as a priority .

A monthly donation-Standing Order -Direct Debit helps us plan long term so we can focus on activism and bring change without not having to spend most of our time fund raising. 
Our We Care Account details  ; Co Op Bank  Account Number 65659328 Sort Code 08-92-99
Our International bank details are BIN code CPBK GB22 
Iban Number GB10 CPBK 0892 9965 6593 29 
Or click link here ;   
We welcome groups, unions, organisations who share our aims and objectives to become friends of Kath and make a yearly or monthly subscription-donation to be listed as a supporter of Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network .
Want to play an Active role?,  we are working with grass roots activists around the world to get their stories and campaigns told, we need activists of all sorts that include fund raisers. Film makers . Social media geeks . People who can help on protests and lobby  events or just tweet or spread our campaigns across social media globally , especially people who speak other language’s to insure we truly are a Global Network bring together groups and activists issue by issue to maximise our success to bring and deliver real change. 
We are fed up with talking it’s time we get things done. 
Email us , If you’re fighting a campaign or you need our help raise awareness 
How you can help, contact us,  or details of your Group , Organisation , campaign,  wanting to be part of the Kath’s Network email;  join us on Facebook .Our Twitter Account is @EcrnKath  kathduncanEcrn  text our press officer 07871187162 with short message and we will contact you. 
Who was Kath Duncan ? Discover the most important Scot and UK Civil rights activist the past 100 years through this Radio podcast . We are also happy to give talks on Kath Duncans life as well as OUR work .

Rebel City Podcast (
A new Book -eBook -Biography of Kath Duncan The Last Queen Of Scotland by Ray Barron-Woolford has just been published by

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