Tuesday 13 August 2019

Kath Duncan Equality & Civil rights Network position on #Pride

The Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network supports the aims and objectives of ReclaimTheRainbow and ReclaimPride.. We believe #Pride has always been a protest and with LGBTQ still being against the law in 72 Countries , we should use Pride every year as a platform for global solidarity. Tell the stories of OUR History and Heroes and Tell the stories of struggles whilst taking huge care that those business interests who support or Pride also have a record of defending LGBTQ people around the world and play to part in deportations or proping up Governments that press the LGBTQ community .


#FreeNazanin #Hunger4Justice. (@Raywoolford)
4 people claiming #ReclaimPride #ReclaimTheRainbow usual #Left suspects & only a #Handful. Take a look #LondonPride #pridelondon2019 #PrideLondon & draw YOUR own conclusion ! pic.twitter.com/5pRDKcBtLa

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