Saturday, 9 May 2020

Corona Virus Ray Woolford Update on Corona Community Support Network with the big question

As I write this yet another food bank has opened in our area to meet the demand for increasing numbers of people who are being told in the present uncertain climate that there is no point putting them on 80% salary as the business they work for can not see a future and will in days cease trading, Waiting staff are suddenly discovering that tips and commissions and the bonus are nor seen as part of their wage even though it may account for 60% of their taxable income leaving many with incomes of less than 30% to pay rent, utility bills and food, whilst the daily Corona press conference is constantly about what the Government says it has been or is doing. Yet, week eight of lockdown PPE is still an issue, 100,000 of people told to isolate due to their high risk and vulnerability are still waiting for that famous food parcel pledged eight weeks ago, eight weeks without food, how would you cope?
If Everyone from the magic money tree was getting this Government money we hear so much about, why are We Care and the Corona Community Support Network having to crowdfund with a GoFundMe page to raise cash to feed the very people we are told are getting food parcels or can secure Government finance?
An army of people grows every day of wonderful volunteers who see for themselves that what we are told at the daily press briefings does not match the reality in our communities we are told Councils are doing a great job. Yet, the reality almost every council is pushing all those in need the way of the countless number of Corona Community Support Groups instead of organising and leading from the centre or even insuring the cash the Government gives them is passed on to the front line groups who are doing their job and ensuring starvation and suicide numbers do not overtake COVID victims.
So if you can please donate if we reach £5000 the Government will give us £2.500 in gift aid. every penny goes to people and pets in crisis we all work as volunteers.

This week we started adding. Houseplants to food parcels to help those cope in flats and temp housing without gardens with their mental health along with the books for kids and the bespoke food parcels we organize to address every household dietary and faith as well as addressing the reality many homes do not have internet, smartphones, fridge, freezer, microwave or cooker. While struggling to raise the cash to top up key meters for people to access support, buy nappies and expensive baby milk, our clients are the elderly, the disabled, LGBTQ, single-parent families, much-loved Dogs and Cats, the homeless in temp housing and refugees that long ago accepted #refugesswelcome was far from any reality, you see those we care for are NOT cool, we would love people to sing or march up and down their Gardens to raise cash so we can buy food for people going hungry instead of money for the NHS which is NOT a charity. We are putting together a documentary film crew to record what you do not see on your TV screens the reality of thousands of people once ordinary like the communities they live who through this crisis have bypassed Gov, churches, and Councils and out of fresh air crowdfunded to feed and support their neighbours in crisis to become extraordinary how do you run a food bank in a lockdown crisis?
We are still looking for Experienced Camera operators for the fly on the wall Documentary.that we hope will inspire and engage. as well as to hear from broadcasters interested in broadcasting DM us through

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