Monday, 4 May 2020

Ray Woolford Corona Community Support Network

This crisis has bought out the best in people I am so proud that my community and the people of Lewisham are leading the way in supporting people and pets in crisis in such a creative way that we are now going to record all that is going on unreported at the grassroots level across our borough for a new documentary that we hope will not just tell OUR boroughs story, across one day, but also record and share the creativity and originality of what is going on across our borough and going mostly unreported, with our awesome characters that make up our neighbours and a terrible crisis has seen communities bypass Council and Government to create projects from the fresh air and go fund me page that literally safe lives
We do not do ordinary in Lewisham, I praised the Women leading the help last week, people like Sharon in this picture who found herself through fate running the Feed The Hill project at The Hill Station Cafe in New Cross and Sian who built an entire distribution network to get food delivered to refugee families in crisis within hours.
Other Community heros have also sprung up one creating a sewing network of neighbours to make PPE, another to establish the new Hill Community Radio station, another the Kids Rainbow picture project that gets children to paint Rainbows for those getting food parcels who don't have children around and the many elderly whose Grandchildren can not visit and whose Rainbow reminds them of there loved ones the time spent together and the times to look forward to. So if you can please donate.

We Care will this week will ad house plants that are grown in Deptford to its next round of food parcels to help peoples mental well being expanding on the books for children, they are delivering along with food and toiletries only made possible thanks to the kind donations of strangers, even though We Care Food Bank has been around since 2014 and was the first food bank to open in Lewisham, food, its main donation does not count to secure charity registration and it desperately needs to raise £5000 to secure a Charity number and the access to grants that a charity number brings as well as Gift aid, if everyone reading this chipped in the cost of a mug of tea we would get We Care over the line, many coronavirus community projects across Southeast London get their food via We Care food account access, We Care also Top-up key meters and phones this alone for one family in crisis can cost £30, they do peoples shopping, walk dogs, cook meals, and work with those most in need who do not have Internet or Smartphones although no one in crisis is turned away , social services, churches, homeless and refugee council trust We Care with their most vunarable clients but sadly whilst they get the funding We Care deliver the Food, The Companionship through their buddy scheme inspired through the LGBTQ Aids crisis that matches local volunters with people in isolation during this crisis with emotional as well as food but needs support from their gofundme account . We Care Food Bank also partners #ChrissySentUs Homeless outreach project and that also has a webshop selling cutting edge ethical slogan driven TShirts that whilst making great gifts also help pay for this work
Anyone interested in the Documentary please contact Direct Mail ME 

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