Monday, 3 December 2012

Food Banks Who Gets the Food. Tesco and Sainsbury care littl;e about Local Community projects.

With ever larger numbers of food banks opening, we are close to food wars.
 This weekend had large number of people emailing and texting to say they had given food to the Lewisham Food Bank at Tesco, As Tesco had told us we could not collect food until After Christmas, i was shocked to find a Southwark Food Bank collecting food for Southwark, whilst Clearly all the food is going to people in need, if our clients are giving food to Southwark instead of Lewisham, we have less food to distribute to people in real need in Lewisham.
  It seems it is easy for Tesco and Sainsburys to deal with National Projects than support local community projects that directly help customers of these stores.
Clearly these stores are also boosting profits by seeking customers to buy goods that are then given to Charity, it does seem very odd that Food Poverty will see Tesco and Sainsburys increase market share buy appearing to be doing good when in reality food banks offer a further profit oppertunity.

If you can Help Collect Food in Lewisham Borough such as New Cross and Deptford please email,
Lewisham Food bank is the only food bank open to anyone in need that simply has no money to buy food, be it once or more regular.
We are open 11am-2pm Monday to Friday at 467 New Cross Road Deptford 0756 1157 617

We wiill have a Further Drop of Point at Honor OPak By the Station Next to SR Estate Agents, they will take in the food when office unmaned. This new Location will help us to cover all of Lewisham Borough.
Opening times for Drop of will be 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10-3 Saturdays.

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