Tuesday 5 November 2013

Million Mask March & Peoples Assembly/People Before Profit gGobal day of Action Nov 5th

Thanks to all the amazing People before Profit people who in the pouring rain insured todays protest was well covered with no shortage of media interest accept for the massive evening protest, and a police presence, which was clearly overkill.
Days after a terrorist escaped, police chose to send 6 police vans and cars to supervise a demo to highlight poverty lead by pensioners and retired lolly pop ladies!
At First light i was given a police escourt to write in chalk at the entrance to Deptford Station , Fight Poverty not the Poor! due to the numbers of local people on there way to work and taking pictures to blog and retweet they felt that i posed no risk and was left alone. We covered our shops with slogans to raise the campaign profile, and at 10am set of to cross the road for our 5 min protest, all the lolly pop ladies had signs clearly saying 5 min protest, as we crossed the road, the police suddenly realised they did not have a clue what to do, how could they man handle a group of ageing lolly pop ladies?solution just pile in anyway, tell every one that they are holding up London and face arrest if they do not get of the crossing faster, some woman in the group were pushed of the crossing and man handled, these people were protesting about Poverty, they posed no treat, it was not an occupation, just a 5 min protest mainly lead by People Before Profit members and some other groups protesting together to raise awareness, needless to say no Labour party presence, even though Peoples Assembley has high profile Labour Party members in its leadership.
As i write this the Food bank was raided by Trading standards after the Tory Trussel Trust reported the Food Bank for trading as food bank with a logo that looked tlike TT, not that we or anyone else had noticed, as this was a one of poster prinyted by a local printer out of good will for the local community. Clearly TT see  the work of We Care and that fact we feed every one in need of food aid decent food as many times as they need iot, without asking for prayers and without any state funding.. We feed people with the kind donations of food and money from local residents..Clearly a letter or an email would not have done the dead, a state visit by 2 officers to enforce trhe law was needed.. welcome to food wars..
At 4.15 today wemarched from Lewisham Town hall to Grassy Knoll to burn the effigies that had been so well made, public response was positive with many asking why we were not burning the present Labour Leadership, what is clear, is that come 2014 Local electioons People Before profit are going to see lots of Councillors elected as we had a speach at every point along the March, support the Hospital, the fire fighters, although sadly they were all out. The Banks, Pay day loans, Housing Office Job Centre . Many then headed to qwest end for the biggest demo ever seen in London that faced an almost total media black out, including at one point my twitter account and others were unable to send out details as tio what was going on, such was the huge numbers,closing Westminster, Trafalgar Square , The Mall with Million Mask Demo plus Peoples assembly London has never seen anything like it, Establishment clearly worried but thanks to blogs and twitter i was able with others to get the story out as it was happening.Community Activism is alive and well, come join People Before Profit.. We get things done! my twitter account is @Raywoolford, please also follow people before profit.

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