Wednesday 6 November 2013

Peoples Assembly. National day of action film links Nov 5th 2013

Congratulations to the People's Assembly and Anonymous UK for a great day of actions.

I have collated some of the streams on the OL website, but the streams can also be embedded to the People's Assembly website if needed.
Individual  videos of John Mcdonnell MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Owen Jones are also embedded.
Well done to Sylvia for the skit with the two banksters. That had alot of potential and I say take it to Deptford High Street and Oxford Circus on a weekend. Next time music and people to hand out flyers. She had 200 people watching and so far views are at 800.
The Block the Bridge action had 2,000 live viewers.
After Buckingham Palace with the Anons, we reached about 6,000 viewers.
The BBC have deigned to report on it after a twitter storm.
 Well done to you all.
Yours Respectfully.

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