Tuesday 5 November 2013

Trussell Trust a very nasty bunch of Tories, send in Trading standards to We Care food Bank Office.

Today We Care Food bank has taken a lead in the fight against Poverty, as part of the all party Peoples Assembly National day of action we lead the campaign in Deptford.
in the midst of police over kill in which police cars and vans poured into the area to make the police state felt, we had a visit from trading standards, who with nothing better to do, had sent 2 officers to warn us that they have had a complaint from the Trussell Trust, about copywrite law, and that a poster donated out of good will by a local company in support of the food bank, had used there style of logo.
If you had an issue, would you not take time to send an email, a tweet a note? This is not Coca Cola!
The Fact we keep well clear of the Trussell trust as is reported in earlier blogs this clearly shows how good We Care Food Bank is, Our Food bank by feeding everyone in need of food aid, without seeking a prayer or treating people with a tiny parcel full of tins, We Care give fresh fruit and Veg and health food for as long as people need it.
We Care does not get its staff to work for free or get the huge grants and funding that TT get or the huge public donations from people unaware what lengths TT clearly seek to take in order to hold some sort of monopoly over the food given and distributed to the people in most need due to this Goverments contant attacks on the poor, when by eradicating poverty should be a decent Goverment aim, not the eradication of the poor.
It costs the tax payer a fortune. Last year £27 Billion in Housing Benefit, billions to the NHS due to health problems directly linked to poverty whilst low pay is nothing else than a tax payer subsudy to big business.
Express your disgust...Please support the We Care Food Bank at 467 New Cross Road Deptford witrh food and cash, it is not cheap feeding the poor with no state grants..
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Click on this link to see and here the raid live as at the time, i was being interviewed about the work or We Care by a news reporter who captured this live.

The Trussel Trust have complained about a logo in the window of the Food bank on New Cross Road. audioboo.fm/boos/1707119-t… via @DeloresDeeDee

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