Wednesday 24 June 2015

Deptford Green School Planning question 2 full council

                                                                                         PUBLIC QUESTION NO 4

                                                                                          Priority 1



24 JUNE 2015

Question asked by:   Ray Woolford

Member to reply:       Deputy Mayor


In November 2013, I raised the Question as to when the Council will be enforcing its own planning regulations concerning the reinstatement of a public park on the former site of Deptford green school in New Cross ward.

Planning permission (DC/10/73438)

We are now in 2015, can the Council confirm what is the cause of the hold up, and when will the Park be returned as per planning consent to New Cross community?.


The Council has been working on a procurement exercise to select developers for the Amersham Grove site. Unfortunately this process has met with delays which have prevented works from going ahead as planned; however, it is now nearing completion. The site includes the public park which has detailed Planning approval and residential development on the remainder. As part of the procurement process, the Council stipulated that early delivery of the park within the overall programme is essential and works are expected to start on the park towards the end of this year. The developers will be building out 90% of the park before the residential development commences ready for use from Mid 2016 (subject to planting seasons etc). The final part will be used as a site compound and opened on completion of the new homes.

Once the precise timescales are firmed up, local people will be informed and kept up to date.

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