Tuesday 23 June 2015

Tax Credit & Housing Benefit why these will cause so much misery

I am very concerned about the Goverments plan to hit Housing Benefit and Tax Credits this Summer. In London we have 100s of We Care food bank members who work, but due to high rents and low pay, have to use tax credits to buy food or top up rent since the cap came in.
The Goverment does not seem to understand that the best way to tackle the welfare bill is to address it from the povertry perspective , for example the state, thats you and me pay a staggering £27 billlion a year in housing benefit , most of it going to private landlords, whilst the cost to keep one family in bed and breakfast for just 12 months, is £44.000 a year. Clearly for every Council home you build, you save £44.000 per year plus in the following years have a rental income to spend on services or clearing debt for ever. why the Goverment or Labour party cannot get this is beyound me, and has been clear www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk policy since 2008.; On Tax credits, I am even more concerned, for example in my book " food bank britain " i report the case of a Lewisham teacher with 3 children, She works as a teacher 40 plus hours a week and after tax takes home £1.790 .00 per month, however her rent is £1 .793 .00 per month.
The problem with this case, is that the family are seen as high earners even though almost every penny she earns goes on rent, because of this she gets no free school dinners of free breakfast club for her children due to her high income ansd dependeds totally on Tax credit to buy food and basic stuff that we all need day by day, this is not a cheat, but a hard working member of our community doing her best in a country in which its Goverment has no understanding of the impact of poverty or its policy implications. PB4P also argue that we need all big business to pay a decent wage so we get people of welfare into fair pay so they can afford to pay tax, presently you and i are subsudising the profits of big business many of which pay no UK tax, via the welfare payments we make to low paid to top up wages that big business do not pay . this is clearly madness. We have clear solutions to ending the poverty cap and yet after researching my book, i have become convinced what is going on is IDEOLOGY  DRIVEN. Wake up Britain !

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