Friday 29 January 2016

Kath Duncan 1930s Scottish Deptford Civil rights activist

Did not realise when i came across this amazing woman , how truly amazing she and her husband Sandy had been to the civil rights movement in the 1930/1940s. Working on my book and play about her life, getting news is so slow and so hard to find, But today had a major breakthrough with a Professor in Scotland who has given me more amazing links to a story that has been erased from public knowledge for far to long..I expect will take me unttil 2017 Deptford Heritage festival before able to publish the full work and have the play performed. Always loking for more information. Links. Pictures. Paper, and family connections.

Click on the link to read, please share and help get the recognistion she is due.

LondonHomes (@BA5328)
Have any news , information to help get the most amazing Kath Duncan recognised? Please get in touch with Ray…

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