Friday 8 January 2016

Ray Woolford Co Hosting Talk radio europe show first friday in month

The first RADIO JONES of 2016 is upon us and what better way to welcome the New Year than by doing so with the excellent Ray Woolford, my once-monthly co-host.
So much to speak of today....too much not really covered by the mainstream media. And so ......
The issue of the war in Yemen is appallingly under-reported, though today we see the mainstream referring to Britain, already a massive source of weapons and bombs to the Saudi Kingdom, being involved perhaps more directly in the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Human Rights Watch has produced detailed investigations that it says reveal some 30 examples of Saudi coalition breach of international rules of war. But what's really going on on the ground for the civilian population of this very poor country? We will be joined by Yemen based political analyst Hisham Al-Omeisy, and by London based Yemeni activist Jamila Hanan.
Tim Parkin is a Lewisham Librarian, one of a band of people who is taking very seriously the threat to UK Libraries. Just how important are libraries as spaces of study and knowledge, and what does their demise tell us about society's tendency away from hard copy books and towards reading on electronic devices? With Kindle's number one selling book in 2015 being a colouring book for adults, do we really need access to books and libraries in modern day UK?
The Reverend Nadim Nassar is the director and co-founder of the Awareness Foundation, and co-author of the Awareness Course. With the ever-growing conflict in Syria becoming more fogged by the intentions of various parties to get involved, the need for a perspective on the Syria crisis from a religious perspective is crucial. But, when asked about his thoughts on which of those movements he would be inclined to support, Reverend Nadim's answer is remarkable. "They are all the devil", he tells us.
And the floods have rightfully taken up a significant amount of the MSM's time recently, though typically not always covering the really important issues that affect the people who are most afflicted. John Sheridan is a farmer and activist who is concerned about the issues of climate change, globalisation and fracking and the impact that these have on his livelihood and the public's access to good food. He will join us to discuss.
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