Friday, 25 March 2016

Deptford Heritage festival Parades 2015

The Deptford Heritage festival parades had 3 starting points, St Johns Station to remember the Great 1958 Train Crash passing through St Johns and the house of Kath Duncan to the meeting point on the Broadway to sing the Red Flag that lead to The Battle of Deptford Broadway in the 1930s and the Goverment bill to give workers the right to protest, a right won by Kath Duncan and her famous legal case on the streets of Deptford Broadway.
The Second Parade stated with a wonderful Play " Our War " writtern by local playrights who performed this out side Iceland which  in the Second World War was Woolworths. The Store was bombed and 168 People died, the Parade then marched along New Cross Road passing the centre of the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign held so many meetings before winning the famous court case. The Save  Lewisham Hospital  campaign lead this section of the parade.
 The London Soul Choir lead the Singing as we also held a rememberence outside the house of The New Cross Fire.
The third parade started from Foreshore to remember and reflect on the huge numbers of people who have embarked from Deptford for a new world and the areas amazing historical importance, as the Parade then headed to join the other 2 parades on the broadway to be lead by The NHS Choir. The London Soul Choir. The St Nicholas Church Choir and local socialist Choir " Strawberry Thiefes " . Then we all sang The Red Flag to remember Kath Duncan and the 5000 Local residents that fought in this street battle with mounted police charging.
Would be nice if people have more pictures from the Parades to be forwarded to our festival face book page, which already has huge range of images from the our First International festival.Next festival 29 April to 2 May, for tickets go direct to and the festival Facebook page.

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