Thursday, 10 March 2016

Kill the Housing Bill and Save our NHS . Talk radio Europe show

Tomorrow's running order....all times in GMT.

Co-host Ray Woolford of People Before Profit and Foodbank Britain will accompany me on the introduction.

12.15pm Justin Griggs will speak about the return of the local parish and councils and why this is important in returniing decision makng to communities.

12.35pm Adrienne Wallace will tell us about the issues that Irish people have had with water and the low place this has taken on the mainstream media's agenda.

1.10pm Youssef El-Gingihy is a GP and author whose book Dismantling The NHS tells of the Tories plans to privatise the health service, and the smear tactics used against our doctors to help push through their agenda. 

1.35pm David Niose from the USA will speak about America's shocking lack of empathy and what he sees as a society becoming unhinged, against the backdrop of the presidential primaries and caucuses.

We will also get the weekly update from Cheryl Turner-Hunt who speaks to us live from the Greek Island of Lesbos about the incoming boat migrants and the issues there.
Plus Why we need to kill the housing bill, and sundays demo. 


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