Saturday, 25 April 2020

Corona Virus Update how women are leading the grassroots community action and why BAME are the first to die on the frontline

Women are driving the grassroots frontline this crisis like never before, in fact, I would go so far as to state without the huge role Women are playing at grassroots feeding, organising, collecting and delivering to those in a real crisis, many people would be dying of starvation, the woman we at We Care work with who deserve recognition, such as Sharon who has done a truly amazing job establishing the Feed The Hill project we work with at The Hill Station Cafe in New Cross, Sian who out of thin air has created a South East London delivery network, that travels way beyond south-east London to create advice and support platform that like us is reaching that 5 % the Government says will not get any help, whilst I cannot talk about awesome local Woman without highlighting Joyce running the Pepys Estate Food Bank and 80 years young Barbara Raymond the Co-founder of We Care.
Darren, not his real name is an example of the kind of people in crisis we help, in February he moved to Southwark for a new job and to have access and support for his wife who is seriously ill at the same time as being diagnosed with Lung cancer, Without us to help this family with food and support we dread to think what would have become of them, in the week the Government said 700,000 had volunteered for the #NHS army only 30,000 people of the 1,5million people at extremely high risk told to isolate 5 weeks ago have had a visit, during the same period We Care alone with NO state Cash and dependent on the cash donations of strangers fed over 1000 people in pets in crisis.

We struggle every day to cope with the numbers of people seeking our help, needing a phone top-up, Gas, Electric and a basic meal, every penny people like you donate makes a massive difference and yes we do get some food donated such as over one ton of Pears last week, so many we could not distribute, however ever the creative, Sharon and her team turned the ton of leftover Pears into Feed The Hill Jam and the past few days every food parcel had a jar of jam again made possible by people collecting old jam jars so NOTHING goes to waste.
This Crisis has bought out the best in people whilst highlighting the hugely important role in our care services, public services and OUR NHS those wonderful migrants and refugees whose devotion to duty and our well being must NEVER again be underestimated. Thanks to Everyone working in this sector, Neighbours and Strangers together as a family it has never been cool to challenge Poverty to talk about the Poor, but that does not mean we in this sector have any less worth, We are saving lives we see No colour, No faith just people like us in a crisis that needs help

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