Saturday, 4 April 2020

Ray Woolford . Corona Virus Community Support Network Deptford .Lewisham. NewCross . Southwak . Greenwich Update 5 April 2020

As I write this we have passed the 1000 person helped mark, all carried out by the work of strangers and neighbours and funded by our GoFundMe page as we still get No Government or Council funding and yet we are on the frontline, housing and feeding the homeless in shelters and hostels with no cooking facilities, the disabled some of the 1.5 million at high risk the gov says must isolate but 3 weeks on have mostly been left without food or Medication delivery and we have to spend hours waiting and collecting prescriptions whilst people we help have no cash to top up gas and key meters, many can't get emergency help, they do not have internet access or smartphones the only way you can claim Universal credit.
This week we had to put out a Social Media plea to help an isolated seriously ill pensioner in Newcastle who without our help would have been the first to starve to death this crisis, it alarms me that the poor, disabled and low paid have no worth in this crisis even the socialist campaign crowd who boost their profile by claiming to represent the left do not report the crisis at the grassroots level it's shameful whilst some areas are awash with help, many areas have nothing.
We ask people to put a note through the door of YOUR neighbours with your name, address and phone number and offer to shop or share what you have. NEVER ask someone if they want a FREEBEE. YOU can do this whatever area of the Uk or World YOU live.
We have past week taken on referrals from 4 Local Councils and a number of refugee groups shared with Feed the Hill, food to go to schools who are best placed to get food to families with children at risk, we have donated food and toiletries to NHS frontline staff all grades at The Point in Lewisham, also many of us have family in Spain so we are Supporting a Corona Community support Network in Spain through with Pippa Jones We hope that Never again will people be so negative about Migrants and Refugees, it's important to note its NHS workers from these groups who were first to give their lives for ALL of us.

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