Sunday, 12 April 2020

Ray Woolford Corona Virus Community support Network update Easter 2020 is doing what many would argue the Government should be doing, they have produced an easy to follow online Question form that once you put all your details will tell which benefits you are entitled as the system is so complex this is a MUST first step to get support and will save you hours on the phone to Universal Credit only to find you do not qualify. , whilst for those most in need, they are giving one of the payments of £500 to anyone in crisis, whilst this again is welcome, most of the people we help through We Care Food Bank have No internet, No smartphone and often NO phone credit so it's really important if you can, YOU offer to help those in need to access this information and help.
Many of you aware we passed 1000 people fed last week we had hoped that all the emergency Government funding for Corona Groups would include groups like ours, however despite ticking all 6 tick boxes and only needing to tick one, we have had ALL our grant applications rejected, even though we presently get referrals from Social Services. Refugee Council. and local Churches as we have the most experience on logistics, and understanding complexities of people and pets in crisis leaving us no choice but to carry on begging people like you to give us Cash to do the work Government is paying others to do that aren't. Our GoFundMe page link here. So if you can please donate.

Last week Oxfam published a report, ignored by UK media on the impact of the Global corona crisis on the Poorest I was interviewed on International News Stations due to my life long campaign to get ALL political parties to appoint a Minister for Poverty and in light of the Pensioner we have sort to help in Newcastle who despite being told to isolate 3 weeks ago, has had NO food and Zero support and says she will starve to death to highlight the Government and Medias failure to address the impact on this crisis on the poorest link to News Interview The wealth Gap
I just would not be able to help all those we do without the Kindness of Strangers and Neighbours working with me 24/7 to ensure people eat, get support and a buddy to get them through this crisis and others who take my advice to put a note through neighbours doors offering to share what they have, run errands and be a light in the darkness 

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