Thursday 17 November 2011

Jobs for Deptford & New Cross

20:1 Jobs Campaign Many of you may have seen our campaign teams across Lewisham recently. We are seeking to highlight the fact that in Lewisham there are 20 people looking for a job for every 1 job vacancy and the dysfunctional nature of a local economy and council that fails to invest in and capitalise on its greatest asset, hardworking local people. (In Lewisham our Labour council has sacked so many staff that they are having to pay agencies for temps!) Come to Come the Revolution Café, 467 New Cross Road to sign our campaign's Giant CV, which clearly reveals what a tremendously talented and skilled local population we have, and that is why Lewisham People Before Profit continues to challenge Labour and demand that local long-term jobs and homes that local people can afford should be put before the short term interests of the many developers who are looking to make a quick buck in Lewisham. After the huge Labour landslide at the last local elections, Labour politicians are simply putting the interests of Big Business first and essentially treating the local people who voted for them with contempt. Local councillors are failing to show up for Council meetings and in certain wards advice surgeries are not being held, but these councillors are more than happy to collect thousands of pounds of local tax payers' money for doing next to nothing. Let's hope that in the next round of elections local people wake up and award this rotten Labour Council the Order of the Boot!

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