Thursday 17 November 2011

Utility bills Protest.. Stopped by Big Business

Biggest Consumer Protest In History Stopped By Big Business As readers may be aware, we have set up a Green Project to force down fuel prices, to look at ways of producing green energy locally, and to create long-term local jobs in an area with massive unemployment. We had planned to organise a day of action to get 100,000 people to switch energy suppliers in protest at the excessive profits the energy companies are making from us. The plan was to have 100,000 people sign up to switch energy supplier en bloc, which would mean we could negotiate to buy gas and electricity at near to wholesale prices. This was to be our first action in seeking to tackle local fuel poverty. (We eventually plan to produce our own local green energy.) The government has been encouraging consumers to organise and buy their own wholesale energy and said that ours was a very promising scheme. We had already engaged a logistics company and had arranged a press launch, but just two weeks before this was set to happen, the utilities companies refused to do business with us on the grounds that they do not like the tone of our campaign and felt that we would undermine their business. This is an outrage and a frontal attack on consumer choice. Nevertheless, we are determined to carry on the fight to bring down fuel bills and ensure that local consumers and not-for-profit groups are allowed to offer discount fuel.

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