Thursday 17 November 2011

Londons Best Cafe, Tea Room and Coffee Bar/Gallery

Your Cafe Needs You! Come the Revolution offers tea and crumpet for just £1 and a hot meal every day for just £2. It provides free Wi-Fi, a gallery space, a book exchange, free meeting space for local groups and campaigns, and the best drinks and food in the area. It also gives jobs to local people and helps to keep money in our community. Any profit the cafe makes is used to support community campaigns. There is a free advice surgery every Friday at 12, a free one-to-one CV workshop with Ray Woolford, a cookery school, a Mum and Children's Group every day from 9.30 am, and a Critical Thinking group every Tuesday at 11am. We are doing a good job but, as we receive no funding, we are having a really tough time. This project is about supporting local people, helping the most vulnerable residents, and giving people healthy food at bargain prices, but we can only stay open if people come and have their breakfast or lunch with us, or just morning coffee or afternoon tea. This is a wonderful, comfortable place with welcoming and helpful staff. Our gallery wall presently displays a collection of portraits of local residents by award-winning portrait photographer Peter Jones, which reveals the great richness and diversity of our local community. Please help us to make this cafe a success. We want to open longer and create more jobs for local people, but we can only do this if local people come to the Cafe, buy takeaway tea or coffee, or hold meetings, functions, parties etc. in this valuable and much-needed community space.

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Ray Barron Woolford said...

Sadly this venue is now CLOSED.