Thursday 17 November 2011

Labour Councillors in Lewisham

Labour Abandons Advice Surgeries and Councillors Go AWOL Local councillors clearly expect to be kicked out en masse from New Cross and Deptford at the next local elections Labour councillors Long and Padmore are presently raking in over £10,000 a year for attending just 1 meeting every 6 months. In fact, as you can see on Lewisham Council's own website, they have the worst attendance record on the council, but they are happy enough to take the money, money that YOU pay them. Local residents are also complaining that Labour councillors are no longer holding advice surgeries, which is one of the reasons why Ray Woolford is holding a free help and advice surgery every Friday at 12 at Come the Revolution Cafe. If Labour councillors cannot be bothered to show up for advice surgeries, if they have no interest in community action campaigns for jobs, housing, schools and libraries, then what on earth are they doing on the council? They should all resign and let local people elect councillors who will do the job properly, who will stand up and fight for local people. After 13 years of a Labour government, with a Labour council and 3 Labour MPs, we have the highest level of youth unemployment in the UK, and every time we have a chance to create local jobs, build new council homes, and provide more school places, our Labour Council supports the Big Business builders of luxury developments, consistently putting private greed before community need. The Labour Party in Lewisham consistently acts against the interests of the residents who have voted Labour and it is time that residents in New Cross and Deptford finally wake up to this and vote for Lewisham People Before Profit in future.

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