Monday, 25 June 2012

Deptford High Street on the BBC

Whilst most people enjoyed the resent programme on the BBC, about the history in the BBC programme makers view of Deptford High Street. See my link and you can watch on an earlier blog posting.. .This weekend local residents homes had delivered a very expensive looking brochure raising concerns and headed.. Putting the record straight. Sadly whilst i have never taken as fact much of what i read in the press or hear and see on the TV,in my view it all has an agenda to control. Do you really think News International publishes news papers for the benifit of the poor and the community?. Whilst the people behind this alternative view of Deptford High street may have a real case, it does not help your case, when you fail to disclose at any point in the brochure as to who is publishing it, who is behind it, and who has paid for the substantial print bill and door to door distribution. not every Deptford resident has internet or access to it, and i still find it staggering that so many residents in this position go unnoticed.

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