Monday, 25 June 2012

Deptford and New Cross in Olympic Deal

Yes, i am not a great supporter of the Olympic Games, these days it has everything to do with Money and brands, and nothing to do with Sport or Community, this aspect is just the side show. However having been aware that it was coming, i did deliver news letters to every home in New cross and Deptford seekling to find local residents looking to move out, and make some cash, after all, all local residents have been paying for these games through Council Tax increase and the cost of the tickets is way beyound the price local resident could afford. On Friday we at last agreed contracts and My social business Estate Agents Housemartins, has been awarded Contracts to house Doctors working for Locog the games organiser and The Austrian Olympic Committee. This will lead to thousands of pounds going into the Deptford and New Cross Economy. We will be giving part time work to local residents to Clean and offer Guide services and support across the Games. we will be using local Dry Cleaners and Launderettes and will be taking on 3 long term staff members. We have through our new website been able to create a year round holiday business, from our website that is seeing people across the Globe, seek to visit as Tourists Deptford and New Cross, not just for the Olympics, but throughout the year. Home owners intend to use the money to pay of debt,fit new Kitchens and or Bathroonms, help out family members, whilst any home improvements will be carried out by local traders. All these extra visitors to the area will be encourage to shop and eat out in New Cross and Deptford, take in a Band, an Art show or just enjoy all that is good about the area so many of us love as home. Something for the Young; Part of the deal will see a free sports event in New Cross with an Olympic team coming to play sport with local kids. Housemartins will be as it has always done over the past 12 years, spend the profit it makes by giving funding to Community groups and campaigns. I hope that you will see the benifit that bringing hundreds of new visitors to Deptford and New Cross can do.I only wish Lewisham Labour Council had as much passion for Deptford Future as thous of us that call it home.

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