Friday, 11 July 2014

The Job Centre Bar Evening Standard report community anger and boycott call

As of Monday 14 July 27 Local Deptford Community group[s and organisations have sent us support. We plan to publish list of 50 Deptford groups and Organisations supporting our call for a name change inAugust, by which time more groups and residents whould have had time to meet, discuss and have consent to join the present 27 groups who do support our call for a name change.
Clearly the only way we can get the pubs owener to rethink, is by keeping away   Loss of income can hopefully lead to a positive outcome and we have a pub that gives a positive impression of Deptford reflecting the areas Heritage and Cultural diversity as well as the buildings awesome history.
Thanks to the increassing number of people contacting us who say they have been but willl not be going again until the name is changed.
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