Friday 18 July 2014

The Job Centre Bar; Groups calling for boycott until name change tops 30.

At this week’s board meetings both Deptford Heritage festival and the We Care Food bank have backed the concerns raised by Lewisham People Before Profit to Antics pub Group decision to name its latest’s pub on Deptford High street, a building with awesome history  The Job Centre Bar..
27 Local community groups including churches, Unions, Political party’s residents association and local charities like us agree the Name is offensive  and portrays Deptford in a far from positive light.
The Owners claim they use past buildings names , however they had to change the name on another East London pub after it caused offence, and neither of the 2 Conservative party offices they bought are trading as Conservative Bar so they could use.... Local Press, the Mercury, The South London Press, the Arts collective Utopia or even if they want to be controversial they could call it the Missing Anchor.
Whilst the pub owners will not worry that food bank clients will not be using the Job Centre Bar, they will be worried by the fact our board members and supporters and the Deptford Heritage Festival has withdrawn its invite to be part of next’s year’s festival until the name is Changed ,and our board members also local residents will be staying away . whilst they have the right to call the bar whatever they
Like, we will be using our consumer power and supporting the many other great pubs in Deptford.
It seems only local residents keeping away will insure Deptford gets a pub that we need with a name that reflects Historic, Arty,. Edgy Deptford . change the Name Antic.. and we will be first in the door to buy a pint .

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