Wednesday 2 July 2014

Halifax Bank Surrey quays. worst bank service ever had. keep well away !

Well today i had the worst experience to date in a bank. Halifax told me i would  be seen in 10 mins to open an account, after 1 Hour i was still waiting, whilst staff seem to endlessly walk about the store customers seem to be only needed  as props, to fill the chairs and encourage more mugs to come in to open accounts.
After 1 Hour i was told i would again be seen in 5 Mins,after further 23 Minutes, me and another client with small children walked out and complained to the manager, who clearly did not give a toss.
It seemed the young man on duty to sign up new clients was more interested in spending 2 hours chatting to a pretty woman than dealing with new customers, i also wonder if a woman and a man in an office for almost 2 hours is lawful in terms of time limit on financial services advice.
Stay away unless you are happy to get treated like something the dog dragged it..

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Anonymous said...

The title is correct ...when I tried to complain over the phone about the service in there I was told to leave or security would be called..and that was when customer services HQ was telling me to put them on the phone directly !! Turns out the manager lied through the teeth saying I was a disruptive customer (a real disruptive customer was actually in the branch but it was not me and he knew it...I had refused to take a seat...I am clearly disabled with a walking seat...sitting would have been problematic..yet this was used as a reason for my disruptive behaviour in the managers report The whole damn thing was so traumatic and attempts to make written complaints just went round in circles..seemingly deliberately Finally I went into a City of London branch to ask for help and was treated with respect kindness and efficiently The worker there lodged a complaint on my behalf and personally saw to it that I got £50 compensation from Halifax Personally I would have preferred to see Surrey Quays manager publically humiliated as I had been by him and then sacked When I returned to thank the City of london worker some time later - he had left..for a better promotion...NEVER REPEAT NEVER GO WILLINGLY into Surrey Quays branch...Is it any surprise that it was their cash machine that was stealing money !!??