Thursday, 14 April 2016

Handels Messiah.. The best production you can see. part Deptford Heritage Festival

The Best Production of The Messiah , you willl everr see, with style and street credability that will take your breath way..Treat yourself or some one Special. Children under 16  are FREE.

After last years amazing performance of this amazing production of the " Messiah "in which its power left many in tears..this year we are delighted to welcome the production back to St Nicholas Church Deptford Green SE8 the burial place of Christopher Marlowe and a wonderful church spacev that dates back to saxon times.

Below are 147 words from a review by WhatsonStage in 2011 - PLEASE MENTION WHATSONSTAGE IN YOUR NOTE. This is a both a review and also tells the reader something about the show so it should cover both bases. 

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Here is the stuff from the review by Whatsonstage in 2011:

‘Handel’s Messiah has become standard fare for the festive repertoire, but Merry Opera’s imaginative new staging is anything but predictable. John Ramster’s (director) addition of back-stories for each character creates exciting new depths and colour to the arias. 
Ramster states that the central story of the show is birth, death and resurrection. However he goes further than this with his creation of individual personalities, allowing us to examine the reasons behind faith. The characters aren’t stereotypes, and since they only sing of the Messiah rather than reflective arias, the audience is challenged to create their own interpretations. This performance is engaging because it isn’t handed to you on a plate. 
Characters initially appear disjointed, as if each visiting the church for the first time. As the show progresses they become more unified, as a congregation supporting one another.’

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