Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Russians in London & Peter The Great at Deptford Heritage festival this bank holiday

Deptfords Russian secret History with Peter The Great . Myths busted. by Dr Helen Szamuely

On January 11, 1698 the Grand Russian Embassy arrived in London from the Dutch Republic and settled in Norfolk house, one of the great mansions on the Strand and the Thames.
Among its members was a giant of a man , who was occasionally described as a carpenter and went by the name of Peter Mikhailov .
The Embassy was supposedly headed by the great military and navel leaders Franz Lefort , Fyodor Golovin and Prokopy Voznitsyn but it was clear that Peter Mikhailov was really in charge, which was not surprising as he was ,in reality , the Tsar Peter, traveling semi-incognito in order to conduct negotiations , meet important people in various fields and learn more about shipbuilding and related matters.
On February 9 the Embassy moved to Sayers Court  Grove Street Deptford , renting the house and gardens from Admiral Benbow who had in turn , rented from John Evelyn . Here Peter could observe shipbuilding more closely and travil around London for meetings with people.
His and his comrades stay in Deptford has aquired an almost mythical aura both in Russia and in Britain.

Dr Helen Szamuely presenting this wonderful festival treat , Tickets on the home page ..has writtern articles for History Today on Russian embassies and ambassadors, using mostly Russian sources and accounts. telling the story of Peter the Greats brief stay in Deptford and tries to seperate myth from fact.
The Festival is delighted to have such a wonderful Historian and speaker to inform and delight

Our Festival Coordinator has on behalk of the festival Invited The Russian Ambassador to be a guest at this event, Ray last year was presented with a Medal from the Russsian People for his work seeking to bring great community links between eptford and the Russian people that go back so far into our areas history including seeking to trace the 500 Deptford familes that left with Peterv The Great and Built The First Russian Navy.
This like so much at this yearas festival a truly special event Children are free and tickets are just £5 and help cover the festival costs. Please spread the word and come and discover for yourself the Truth about Peter The Great in Deptford.

This Event is  Saturday 30 April ( Bank Holiday weekend ) 12.00 Midday- 1.30pm  at  the Historic church that dates back to Saxon times..St Nicholas Church . Deptford Green Deptford SE8 . Children FREE adults £5 tickets on website limited number onthe door.

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