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#Hamilton #Misty #TheJungle ad to the list of #breathtaking #LondonTheatre #Theatre #Liberty set 2B the MUST see #Show of 2019

The main cast characters of #Liberty the must see production-play of 2019 

Emily Carding plays Kath Duncan , the most important Scot and Uk civil rights activist the past 100 years. Emily  trained at Bretton Hall and the University of Exeter where she gained an MFA in Staging Shakespeare. She has appeared in versions of over twenty of Shakespeare’s plays, both on stage and screen.  Her recent starring role as The Officer in Franz Kafka’s Apparatus was received with great praise from the press, with The Stage saying, “Emily Carding is a byword for a must-see” and the Telegraph remarking “her performance as the Officer is captivating; her devotion both to the "apparatus" itself and her previous superior, the Old Commandant, as convincing as it is unnerving.”

She has, together with independent theatre company Brite Theater, created a number of challenging and innovative shows including Shakespeare in HellHamlet (an experience)and Richard III (A One Woman Show)which has won multiple awards and rave reviews internationally, including the first and only instance of all awards on offer at Prague Fringe going to one company. Richard III was awarded the “Bobby” award at Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and Hamlet (an experience)and Caliban’s Codexwere both nominated for the Performance, Creative and Inspiration awards at Prague Fringe 2018 with Hamlet also being nominated for the Infallibles award at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. Richard III (a one woman show)has toured to New York, Italy, Iceland, Slovakia, Romania and Pakistan, with Hamlet (an experience)due to tour internationally also, including the world-renowned Encore Series at the Soho Playhouse New York  which features the best of the best of world fringe performances.

A number of films in which she appears were released in 2018  including the comedy-horror Scareycrows, a green screen adaptation of Macbethand Ghost Stories(opposite Martin Freeman).

AMY WHITROD BROWN takes on the huge role of playing the Labour leader George Lansbury. Amy is a Leeds - born actress with a BA Honours in Drama from the University of Manchester. Having studied a semester abroad at Rutgers University, NJ in BFA Theater she returned back to the US to study the Conservatory program in Acting at the New York Film Academy. She worked in NYC in film and theatre before moving to London almost two years ago where she became Advanced trained in BADC Stage Combat. Her most recent theatre credits include The Cagebirds (Guzzle), A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes), The Lion in Winter (Alais Capet), and Dracula (Lucy Westenra). Amy has recently worked on short film, Victim, as the lead, which is being entered for screening at Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals; for the BFI, Grim Resolve, and fantasy short, Peregrine’s Hymn. She is currently in production for Feature concept All Against All and Feature film V vs V: Odin’s Abomination. She is excited to work with such talented cast members and for this very unique opportunity.

Ana Luiza Ulsig is an established well known big star in Brazil , and takes on the role of Sandy Duncan and the Prison Governor. The political upheavel in  her native Brazil in which the first Women leader has kicked out without any evidence leading the way for a new fascist President insured this play whilst set in 1930s, was very much a production of OUR time .  Ana Danish Brazilian performer, has been acting since the age of 11, with more than 10 years of experience in Improvisation. She came to London for an MA at Rose Bruford College. In the past year, Ana performed at the Edinburgh FRINGE Festival 2018 with the play “UR Medëa”; In London, she co-wrote, co-produced and acted in "FUR - Four Women, Four Stories”, a show inspired by the feminist pioneer Mary Wollstonecraft; In Denmark, Ana participated in Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017 with “All This Coming and Going”, a play produced by Teatret Gruppe 38, and in the film “Lifeboat”, a story about the current refugee crisis in Europe. 
Back in Brazil, Ana performed in more than 20 productions, with substantial roles such as Mary in “Passion of Christ” and Linda in “Chão de Estrelas” (floor of stars); street theatre productions; TV soap operas and commercials; besides being a co-author of five theatre plays.

Rona Topaz is this productions Musical Director , although this is NOT a musical, it does have some powerful songs, Rona also plays the role of Kath Mama and a Comrade. Rona is a singer, actress, facilitator and political activist. 

Theatre includes: Lucy in Sweeney Todd (Bridewell) Ensemble in Les Miserables (London Palladium) Films include Bright Young Things, Alien Autopsy, Mrs Lees and Her Ladies. Further info:

As a singer she has supported artists including John Cooper Clarke, Frank Chickens, Billy Bragg and the Pearlfishers, as well as contributing  vocals to a number of projects, including 80’s House hit, Ride The Rhythm. Currently she is about to take over the musical direction of the Watford Palace Theatre Choir, as well as vocal coaching and facilitating a variety of projects for people with dementia and learning difficulties. 

Rona rejoined the Labour Party in 2015 after hearing a speech by (journalist) Owen Jones, and within a year she had joined Disabled People Against Cuts  and contributed evidence to a number of select committees. She is a founder member of Disability Equality Act Labour, which campaigns for the implementation of the Equality Act Legislation  throughout the Party. She is also a volunteer with Stop the War as well as an EC member of Conscience, Taxes for Peace. She is also about to train as a welfare benefits advocate with the CAB. She is thrilled to be a part of this project. 

Alex Reid is currently known for being one of the uks most decorated professional mma fighters and for his celebrity status, winning celebrity big brother with the highest ever vote.

Since graduating from Guildford school of acting in 2000, Alex has continually starred in many tv series, soaps, plays, and films from Hollyoaks and Drifters, to just recently “A Dangerous Game” & “Retribution”.

Alex is really looking to get stuck into the  play “Liberty”, with strong feelings  about the topic concerned, helping those without a voice
Alex plays the hugely important role of Fred Copeman the boxer, kid from the work house, Communist leader , Civil rights activist who was jailed 3 times, and who was a leader of the Invergordon Mutiny the biggest Mutiny in British History of the past 100 years. , the Hunger marches , a brigade leader in the Spanish Civil War , a close friend and house mate to Kath and Sandy Duncan who would later go on to become a friend and advisor to the Royal Family,Labour Leader Clem Attlee and against the odds  honoured with an OBE and become an elected Labour Councillor on Lewisham Council 

Alex Reid is better known as the Winner of Celebrity Big Brother ,with many actor credits to his name having  stared in HollyOaks , the film Killer Bitch and is a World Combat fighter with huge media profile 

James Ruston is a born and bred local Deptford gay actor and singer who will play the character of Charles Thomas Partner , Henry Ward who like Charles was jailed 5 times and served 12 years just for looking Gay. Its power to this production that 80 years on Deptford gay men will play the rolls of Gay men whose Jail term lead to the freedoms they can enjoy in 2018 , why this production so important to be seen by all #LGBTQ , Women and any one with an interest in Human and Civil rights and Social Justice. 

Giorgio Borghes  Ak Claudia F , is a Deptford based gay actor, drag artist , singer , who will play the gay  resident in 1930s Deptford  Charles Thomas whose arrest and 5th jail term with his partner just for looking gay, kicked of these events, and as tribute to fellow former local resident the transvestite Percy Duke who was jailed for wearing a dress , will tell his story whilst reflecting on the fact every week in USA a Trans person is murdered just for being Trans. 

Claudia F is the queer club queen that is taking the stages by storm! A vocal powerhouse, dancer and live performer with an high energy presence! 
Originally from Italy, where she started her career in various venues, in 2012 she moved to London and entered Drag Idol UK that introduced her onto the British scene. She performs regularly in the gay/cabaret scene in London and all over UK, hosting also variety and charity shows. 
She is also a songwriter and have already released two EP,“Am I wrong?” and “Here and Now” on all major online platforms, you can find them on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer and many more. 
You can follow Claudia F on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram: @ClaudiaFDQ

Originally from Gorizia, Italy, Giorgio graduated from the Bernstein School of Musical Theatre in 2007 in Bologna. In October 2012 Giorgio moved to London, here some credits:

Musical Theatre: “One night only” (Hippodrome Casino and Proud Cabaret), “Elegies for angels, punks and raging queens” (The white bear), “From up here” (Camden Fringe and Brighton Fringe) and “Rent” (Halfway to Heaven).

Plays: “Moments”, “Minor Planets” (Chelsea Theatre), “The Wedding Party” (Actor’s Centre), “One flew over the Coocko’s nest” (Lord Stanley), “Ken” (Hampstead Theatre)
Physical Theatre includes: “Liberation” (The Vault Festival, The Place, Zoo Southside Edinburgh Fringe)

Opera: “Aida” (South Downs Opera)

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Liberty: The untold story of the struggle to establish civil rights 
by Raymond Barron-Woolford

Launch of  Londons largest heritage festival and the extraordinary play-Production #Liberty that for the first time in 80 plus years  tells the true story based on real historical evidence of how the LGBTQ and Civil rights movement was established in 1930s Britain and its leader Kath Duncan whose 2 jail terms laid the ground work for The National Council Civil Liberties ( Liberty today ) and the freedoms we ALL enjoy TODAY.

The 3rd International Deptford Heritage festival will be Londons largest Heritage festival from 1-28 February 2019 and will encompass the global #LGBTQ history month.

The Deptford heritage festival brings together the countries leading experts on the people whose lives in Deptford from Lord Nelson, Christopher Marlowe , Peter the Great, MacMillan Sisters, Kath Duncan, Olaudan Equiano have not just shaped Deptford history but whose impact has been felt Internationally.

Traditionally held over the first bank holiday in May , The Deptford Heritage Festival brings together huge numbers , schools, local residents of all ages and diversity ,  community groups, choirs, artists, writers, performers, poets, musicians, historians like no other festival to celebrate community , working class history and the people who have shaped all of our lives  during their time in Deptford and in a period in our history in which Gentrification seems to be growing rapidly without any thought of its impact on the areas awesome heritage , identity  , sense of community and its place and importance in world history.

Liberty, the book and Now a highly acclaimed play, being staged by the newly reformed 1930s local Theatre company, The Red Blouse Theatre ,  telling  the true story of how the LGBTQ and Civil Rights movement was established in Deptford and lead by the most important Scot and UK civil rights activist past 100 years Kath Duncan in 1930s Britain which laid the ground work for The National Council Of Civil Liberties will be staged with an all star Gender fluid  International cast.

It does seem extraordinary that whilst most people would in part be aware of Nelson Mandela , South Africa, Martin Luther King and Stonewall USA and Gandhi India , you will be hard pressed to find any one in the Uk including Human and Civil rights lawyers, aware of how the LGBTQ and Civil rights movement was fought and won here in London , and in the year in which we celebrate 100 years of Women activism, is it not time Kath Duncan the most successful activist of her time is bought out of the shadows ? is it just that her gender, her sexuality, her class, her politics have insured that the past 80 plus years her heroism has been until this book and play almost erased from History?.

Tickets for Liberty cost £15 and give you free access to ALL other festival events ( except the History Tour Bus )

The Opening night celebrity gala 14 February 2019 Valentines day  will be a tribute to the Countries leading inspirational Women who are activists TODAY and although this is NOT a musical one of the songs from the play Forbidden Love between the two gay characters in the play whose 5th jail term a total of 12 years for looking gay lead to the events in this extraordinary play- production Staring Emily Carding as Kath Duncan and Alex Reid as Fred Copeman will be £25

All profits from the Festival will fund a School Holiday Project that keeps kids fed and safe during the school holidays, run by the local community the project gets no state or council funding despite its growing need.

Tickets on sale Now with SeeTickets and Ticket Sauce and make fantastic Christmas presents that if you buy for Opening Gala also double over as Valentines day gifts.

Press Interviews Text 07871187162


Twitter @BlouseRed @DeptfordHeritageFestival

Festival Office 0203 632 196

Website www.KathDuncan.Com

A long overdue biography of Kath Duncan , The Last Queen of Scotland has been written by Ray Barron-Woolford and will be published by New York Publisher Austin McCauley in 2019 . are about to go into production of a film about Kath Duncans life based on this play Liberty and Ray Barron-Woolford biography  of her . Contact them direct to get involved.

The Festival and the Platy Liberty are still looking for Sponsorship so more of the funds raised can go directly t to this kids project.

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Twitter:                          @BlouseRed @DeptfordHeritageFestival

Telephone (Festival Office): 0203 632 196

Website:                                Full listings and Info . ( t-shirts  & Mugs )                         www.KathDuncan.Com

A long overdue biography of Kath Duncan, The Last Queen of Scotland, has been written by Ray Barron-Woolford and will be published by New York Publisher Austin McCauley early in 2019. are about to start production of a film about Kath Duncan’s life based on Ray Barron-Woolford’s play and biography. You should contact them direct if you want to get involved.

Contact us to sponsor the festival or the play part or full . To be a friend of the festival with listing and free guest pass is £250 per year per Company . Organisation.
To donate-support the aims and projects the festival support by local Charity We Care . account sort Code 089298 Account Number 65659328 bic code OPBK GB22 International code GB10 OPBK 0892 9965 6593 28. Receipt – Invoice by request . 

Buy tickets for Deptford Heritage Festival 's forthcoming events. Click the link for further information and to secure your tickets now!

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Tickets ;

Great gift for people who love radicle history and Deptford

Deptford South East London a community history in 150 colour and black and white images images from 1400 to the present day . a wonderful coffee table size book , glossy, and well designed if you love Deptford have just moved in, doing family research, or just love Deptford this is the book for you.

I am so pleased people are supporting the call for Kath Duncan in the year we celebrate 100 years of #Women #Activism to be recognised as the National #WorkingClass #Hero she was. i just hope YOU come see this extraordinary production with the most diverse and talented cast to be found on any stage..hear her story, get a ticket .

The International Deptford Heritage Festival will pay homage to Kath Duncan 100 years on from key civil and LGBTQ rights battles with a production of the play Liberty. Red Blouse Theatre, a local radical theatre

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