Wednesday 24 October 2018

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The International Deptford Heritage Festival has traditional been held across the first bank holiday in May, and brings together  the largest gathering of people  from all sectors that make up the Community that is Deptford in south east london.

Schools, Churches, artists, local residents, community groups ,musicians come together to celebrate OUR areas working class heritage from abolished of the slave trade to local residents and big name visitors , Lord Nelson, Christopher Marlowe , Robert Browning, John Evelyn , Samuel Pepys, Peter The Great  the Macmillan sisters , with many visitors coming from across the World to take part or re engage with their Deptford roots and links.

The LGBTQ community is hugely important part of the festival and apart from screening Pride the movie , we also remind people of the areas amazing political activism and its history of support during the Aids crises in which Deptford was one of the first areas in the UK to open an HIV and Aids day care and support centre.

This coming festival 2019 we have chosen to host the festival as part of the global LGBTQI History events for the entire month of February 1-28 , 2019 with the staging of 14 Shows of the Play Liberty,  that tells the little known but  true story how the LGBTQ and Civil rights movement was established in 1930s Britain under the Leadership of Scot , local resident and primary school teacher and NUT Member Kath Duncan . Tickets on sale NOW with SeeTickets and Ticket Sauce at £15 which also gives free entry to ALL the other events, Children go free to ALL events,  or £25 for the Valentines day opening celebrity gala .

Liberty,  has a new scene written for it bring to life the arrest of the two Gay characters and friends of Kath whose arrest caused her to come to the conclusion she would take on King, Parliament and the entire Legal system whilst at the same time laying the ground work for The National Council Of Civil Liberties .

The Play will star British acting sensation Emily Carding,  in the lead role for its opening night on 14 February Valentines day,  and includes a Gay love song  ( Forbidden Love) that has been especially written for the play, the fact awareness is still needed was made very clear when we approached one local church to stage the play who refused to have anything linked to LGBTQI leading us to make an official complaint to the Bishop of Woolwich the response from our local priest was .. She will pray for us . i kid you not.

This is an amazing play and a truly inspired festival that brings together every section of our community and LGBT history month could not have a better partner.

Twitter:                          @BlouseRed @DeptfordHeritageFestival

Telephone (Festival Office): 0203 632 196

Website:                                Full listings and Info . ( t-shirts  & Mugs )                         www.KathDuncan.Com

A long overdue biography of Kath Duncan, The Last Queen of Scotland, has been written by Ray Barron-Woolford and will be published by New York Publisher Austin McCauley early in 2019. are about to start production of a film about Kath Duncan’s life based on Ray Barron-Woolford’s play and biography. You should contact them direct if you want to get involved.

Contact us to sponsor the festival or the play part or full . To be a friend of the festival with listing and free guest pass is £250 per year per Company . Organisation.
To donate-support the aims and projects the festival support by local Charity We Care . account sort Code 089298 Account Number 65659328 bic code OPBK GB22 International code GB10 OPBK 0892 9965 6593 28. Receipt – Invoice by request . 

Buy tickets for Deptford Heritage Festival 's forthcoming events. Click the link for further information and to secure your tickets now!

This the link to buy the book #Liberty that makes a wonderful Christmas, Birthday, Thank you gift if you include a theatre ticket, which also gives YOU Free entry to all the Deptford Heritage Festival events except the Deptford History tour Bus 

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