Saturday 27 October 2018

Why is it that NO Human or Civil Rights lawyer in UK seems to be aware UK .#CivilRights #LGBTQ History? Is that not truly shocking?

Ray Barron- Woolford

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As i write this having spent 5 years researching my book #Liberty about how the Uk Civil Rights and LGBTQ civil rights movement , fought and won and the inspired activism of one women #KathDuncan in 1930s Britain what shocks me most, is that her two jail terms or the terrible injustice of the time, but TODAY those struggles and battles are forgot, in fact had i not written my Book and the forthcoming Biography of Kath Duncan The Last Queen Of Scotland out 2019 or wrote the Play Liberty her story or would i should say OUR history story would be erased.
I have given up expected a law firm to Sponsor the play , what they spend at one Christmas Dinner would fund this play and run the school holiday programme the festival profits pay for an entire year.As a Gay man its even more tragic #Pride #LGBTQ is no longer about Struggle, Solidarity , Heritage. History again before i wrote this many #LGBTQ would moan that Pride is about Banks and Big Business no longer a campaigning event after all i was told, what history do we have ? Stonewall , Martin Luther King, Mandela other countries heroes , but OUR own? .
In the year we celebrate 100 years of Women in activism is it not just legal point to argue that Kath Duncan has served her time and that every one that claims to be marching with all feminists also call and march to the calls for Kath Duncan the most important Scot And UK civil rights activist to become the National Treasure she is so worthy of? or is it still that Money has bought our #LGBTQ community silence, and that because she was #LGBTQ #Women #Poor #Communist #Left ,Women like this are still unworthy? this play #Liberty should be staged at every #LGBTQ history and #Pride event, every lawyer with love of the game should be buying tickets NOW to insure ALL and everyone on the team is aware this case , and should not everyone be buying this #Christmas #Tickets to teach themselves and those they love about the importance of #Struggle #Solidarity and how tough the world is TODAY whilst reflecting and learning from the past, #Liberty is not just the most extraordinary play production to be staged in #London #Theatre 14-28 February 2019 with a dedicated #cast of some of the UK finest acting talent , but is a story that needs to be told a #WorkingClass #Hero a #Women and remembered in every class room, at every #pride #Women #CivilRights #humanRights event with Pride . At £15 a ticket what many of you in the city will spend on a Coffee and a Muffin , many of you have achieved in no small part, to the brave and inspired activism that cost her liberty, 2 jail terms, and her health, she died from the illness caught in Jail. Get Tickets from @SeeTickets and @TicketSauce if we can sell out the 14 dates by Christmas we get to do a UK Tour..Yes you can make it happen..
The webpage Happy to give talks across the UK. Looking to work with everyone who things Working Class Heroes stories especially Women needs telling, whilst hoping the moment you stop reading this you book tickets or buy the book #Liberty

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by Raymond Barron-Woolford

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