Wednesday 24 October 2018

#Liberty, the must go #theatre event of 2019 telling how the #LGBTQ & Civil Rights movement was established in 1930s Britain

Producing new work to pack theatres these days is no easy task and its no wonder that most promoters, producers and venue directors via on the side of comfort by staging only big name known productions from Shakespeare to Orwell or productions whose name alone can pack out there venue in a time , in which the Arts has never had it so tough when it comes to securing funds and there very survival.
Against  the odds and the critics Les Mesearble become a sensational hit with the public despite the hammering it got from its critics, whilst the little known writer of the present west end sensation Hamilton had his own fair share of rejection and i guess no one expected the present and very real production of JUNGLE, not just to sell out its west end run but also be going to Broadway.
The Hunger for new work by the public should never be under estimated and we should all do more to support independent theatre, new writers and new productions as a matter of course and producers, promotors must do more to support and give a platform for new work especially when it tells OUR history and struggles, how well do you no  your UK LGBTQ & Civil Rights History? but pretty shore you no USA history , How many lawyers, Civil rights ; Human rights lawyers and activists are aware this true story?.

The latest extraordinary production to be staged in London has had its own battles, 4 years to research ,Liberty tells the little known but true story of how the LGBTQ and Civil rights Movement was founded in 1930s Britain and the role of the most important Scot and UK civil rights activist the past 100 years until this book and play you probably new nothing about, and yet Kath Duncan a Primary School teacher work laid the ground work for The National Council Civil Liberties, coming from Kirkcaldy in Scotland she  left to be active in Hackney before establishing herself as the leader of the Poor in 30s Deptford South London and is hugely important in British Working Class History, it does seem strange that we educate our kids about our Kings. Queens and Tyrants and yet the working class heroes that fought and won the freedoms we all enjoy today are very much left in the shadows.
So this Play being staged by The Red Blouse Theatre Company as part International Deptford Heritage Festival and the global LGBTQ history month 14-28 February 2019 should be OUR must go see event of 2019 and its clever marketing that the plays tickets of just £15 are on sale now as the perfect Christmas gift , the Cost of which also gives you free entry to all the other Festival events from Talks and Performance on Christopher Marlowe , Robert Browning, Deptford and the Slave Trade and its Music heritage and more .

The Cast of this production including some of the countries finest actor talent , Emily Carding ( plays Kath Duncan )  whose appearance in brit flick GHOST scared the pants of most of those who went to watch this highly praised British film whilst her  one woman Show Richard 111 has been a global smash , as was her sell out Edinburgh show , Hamlet an experience that is set for The London and New York Stage. 

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A long overdue biography of Kath Duncan, The Last Queen of Scotland, has been written by Ray Barron-Woolford and will be published by New York Publisher Austin McCauley early in 2019. are about to start production of a film about Kath Duncan’s life based on Ray Barron-Woolford’s play and biography. You should contact them direct if you want to get involved.

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