Monday 30 June 2014

South London Energy Community Co-Op

At the first fund raiser at Amersham Arms New Cross Sunday 29 June.. This awesome team from the SELSEY board were on hand to greet and take the much needed £5 to help us take this awesome project to the next level.
So many times people talk about stuff, so i am extremly proud that we have done it, we have set up a Green energy co-op to fight climate change, addrees fuel poverty and take on the big 6, in just 3 months we have got the licence, set up the co-op and hope to launch a share issue come September.
We still need more help, an accountant would be most welcome, and more roofs, ideally schools, churches, community centres, the larger the roof the more panels we can put up and great money raised and people helped.
Get more info at INFO@SELSEY.ORG

Thanks to all the bands who made our night packed and rocking..
The Hit Men..Rude Mechanicals..Elvers..Isabella Tulloch and Mandolin Jack ..Goldray ...Cassie Graves. DJ Max Quirk.. and the mind blowing Rythams of resistance who just bl;ew everyone away with the energy sound and greatness of the act..Hope all will be back to perform next year at the deptford Heritage Festival 1-4 May which i am also working on.
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