Sunday 22 March 2020

Corona Virus Community Network support top tips to be a good neighbour

I have never been so busy or so exhausted, yesterday I met two women crying in Deptford elderly themselves they had only gone out to get a few bits like milk for other elderly neighbours to frail to shop themselves, and were in a state of distress queuing to get into Iceland to find the shelves empty and having to go home with nothing, fortunately, I had milk, veg, eggs, bread and will look after them, I tweeted and email all the areas MPs, sort to contact local councillors and rang every Lewisham Number I could to find someone to help 24 hours on, I am still waiting, I am NOT the social services, I am not paid, like you, I am just a concerned local resident doing my bit to help others in crisis a crisis that needs the US all to Think a do our bit.
We can all do something even if its to ask for help if not to feed yourself to feed your Cat or Dog, the first step is please knock on the doors of everyone around you, share phone numbers as a neighbour people will trust and recognise you, this is key in a crises make your neighbour YOUR new best friend, many are too proud to ask for help, but make clear you have plenty and happy to share. If you have a phone, offer its use so your neighbour can call a friend or family to confirm they are OK and allow their family to have your number for comfort.
If you have friends and family around the Uk and abroad regularly call them using one of the free connection services many will be grateful for that call and will be worried about you the way the media reports this story.
Emergencies Contact Your LOCAL COUNCILLORs go to your council website and it will list your ward councillors, email and often they will have a phone number to call .
Access To Free Food, Whilst we at We Care have no shortage of food to share with any group or single household, ANYONE in crises can get our help we will work with anyone anyplace to help others, we have volunteers who will deliver food safely to YOUR door, We will help top up your power key, we will walk your dog if your an NHS and Frontline staff member we will do YOUR shop with our trusted network we do NOT want you to worry or go without, Your bravery we admire we will stand with you and have people you can call and chat to help you get through this, its the least WE can do in Solidarity

If You need Help; PLEASE never be afraid to ask. We still need people with cars and vans to help ward by ward local to collect the food from our food supply wholesaler, anyone that needs food, we can get within 24 hours, whilst we are getting the food at a large discount, we are still having to pay to buy it, so if you can please donate.
If you NEED anything we are here as neighbours, this is a network NOT a group, we will support anyone and everyone and share what we have with ALL groups as well as advice 
Contact details text Ray 07871187162 Email NEVER be too proud to ask for help, we have all been there. Our Facebook group is; Corona Virus Community Network 
Please use gloves and wear glasses and at very least a scarf to cover your nose and mouth when around people. Wash your hands. Drink lots of water.
This Project is organised by We Care food bank. Christine Archibald Homeless outreach project and 

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