Sunday 29 March 2020

Corona Virus Community Support Network ;How YOU can help in YOUR community

The Government decision to offer support to the 5 million self-employed is truly welcome, however as anyone who is self-employed or the family of the breadwinner who is self-employed cash flow and lack of is a problem at the best of times and we are having to deal with a huge number of people who simply do not have the cash or food in their cupboards to sustain them until June. Many of you are aware of the problems with #UniversalCredit and the fact if you can get through, most people wait at least 5 weeks before any payment is made, whilst we had food and toiletries to deal with We Care Food Banks core regulars of Elderly and Disabled, this new group is causing real concern as we get NO state or Council aid and have to gofundme to buy the stuff we need, even with a discount, the numbers we are looking after, almost 300 households in just 10 days and rising fast.
The Government army of volunteers will be targeting the 1.5million people who have been sent letters from the NHS to isolate because of their sever risk, again this is welcome, but we have an approx population of 65 Million you do not have to be great at maths to realise huge numbers will be going hungry in our area 47% of our kids are seen in Government figures as living in poverty and the free school lunch box they are being given as the kid's main meal of the day, is wanting.
We are presently collecting and delivering medications to stop the elderly and frail from leaving home. We are delivering carefully selected food that fits dietary requirements and takes into account households ability to cook, many just have a kettle. We Topup British Gas and electric Keys with many shops closed we are having a real struggle to get keys topped up and yes its those most at risk and most in need that MUST stay home who need the top-ups, Almost ALL of these people have NO internet and NO smartphone
What we are doing is insuring anyone who is in crisis can get help by texting us 07871187162 tweeting @EcrnKath email . We Care was the first charity to establish a Food Bank in Lewisham and my book, Food Bank Britain has been a model followed by food outreach projects globally so our team have the experience to get through this and reach the most in need who far to often is missed off the radar. We have trained and experienced councillors available free to support NHS staff all grades dealing with trama we can not begin to understand, our trusted team are able to collect for the housebound who have no internet to get home delivery of food or medication but need someone of trust to do the shopping and collect those crucial medications, if we were to allow one volunteer unchecked to take a single penny from someone who is depending on us for help or stole a single drug, all the good work we do would be undermined
We still need people with cars and vans to help ward by ward local to collect the food from our food supply wholesaler, anyone that needs food, we can get within 24 hours, whilst we are getting the food and toiletries and pet food at a large discount, we are still having to pay to buy it, so if you can please donate.

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