Saturday 21 March 2020

#NHS Free Support, Shopping , Someone to talk to #CoronaVirus Our NETWORK will SUPPORT YOU

Who could not be moved by the NHS Nurse Dawn in tears after doing a gruelling night shift in A&E to then find on her way home all the shops sold out of food, its easy to in any crises to think of the poor and overlook those crucial people on the frontline of a crisis who can so easily be overlooked. yesterday we collected food from out pack warehouse and got emergency deliveries out across our area of Lewisham and Greenwich, we had so much food we gave much away outside Deptford ASDA as like every store its shelves were bare
Any Nurse, Doctor, hospital porter or Cleaner, the delivery driver that needs support whilst they work for us through this crisis can contact us directly, we will do your shopping, if you have no cash, we will get you free food as we do today for any local resident in crisis, whilst we value your bravery we also have people you can chat to, scream down the phone. people who care and value you and your work, whilst this Network are in Lewisham and Greenwich we will find help for you anywhere you are in the UK and Spain, just ask. We are your neighbours, our only priority to ensure no one in our community goes hungry or feels alone, Many of those you can chat to are experienced councillors.
People wanting to help, Needing help, WE HAVE NO FOOD SHORTAGE, please email text 07871187162 we are on Facebook Corona Virus Community Network Twitter @EcrnKath To donate as whilst we get the food at a discount, we still have to buy it This network is about sharing what we have with others, our food, our experience, our volunteer network or transport structure and was established by We Care Foodbank, Christine Archibald Homeless Outreach project and with hundreds of our neighbours.
We still need people with cars and vans to help ward by ward local to collect the food from our food supply wholesaler, anyone that needs food, we can get within 24 hours, whilst we are getting the food at a large discount, we are still having to pay to buy it, so if you can please donate.

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