Wednesday 18 March 2020

Lewisham and Greenwich Corona Virus community support network

We are today looking at the impact of us all being in isolation and its impact on our mental health as we get closer to lockdown.
We are looking to create community street by street choirs as clearly singing plays a huge role in lockdown areas in keeping people engaged, whilst we are also looking to have street fitness classes in which we can all have set times to do exercise in our homes or front door areas, others have suggested street window bingo, book clubs etc using free whatts app and skype services what ideas do you have? Whilst we are looking for Singers and Fitness instructors in our area of Lewisham and Greenwich other groups across the Uk can copy what we are doing and share across social media. please Direct mail us if you have skills and ideas to help our community network and others.
Spare rooms, clearly we are not all cut out to live alone for weeks at a time, have you thought about sharing your spare room with another? we all see homeless people who just need a break, if you can just for this crisis period offer a room, contact your local council homeless unit, or other local charity, you may have befriended a big issue seller or a homeless person in your community how could you help them?
This Saturday we will have posters to go up across Lewisham and Greenwich with contact details for our Lewisham and Greenwich Corona Virus Community Network and local useful contacts and information as well as details how to get help with shopping, dog walking. NHS support and free food and power key top up if you run out of money or just can't leave your home, if you can put posters up in windows and blocks in your area, we can email you a poster to print, ask local estate agents and print shops etc to support OUR community by printing for free, we will have postcards from Saturday for people to drop through letterboxes of homes in your area which you may feel need support, we have a few thousand after a local resident donated £140 to pay for the postcards to be printed, we get NO funding for this and like you are just neighbours stepping up to the mark in solidarity.
If you are a singer or Fitness instructor, have ideas to help us tackle loneliness and isolation and think you can help in your street and live in our area, as well as ward team leaders needed to email us.
If you live outside our area plan think about how you can engage with residents and neighbours in your area. We also need rooms in Lewisham and Greenwich for this crisis period, on Friday we launch the group app for our volunteer neighbours who will take active roles in our community with every ward split into its own team with then each of the 6 polling districts within split to keep contact to the minimum a model other groups across the UK are copying, many people are just helping their neighbours direct and some wards already have networks, we are NOT seeking to stop, we offer support of whatever is needed to whoever, we are fundraising to make sure NO resident goes without food.
Keeping safe, if cooking for your neighbour pour food directly into your neighbours own bowl, and when in contact with others ALWAYS wear gloves, wipe down anything you share, books, food containers, keep your nose and mouth covered, a scarf is fine and wear glasses, sunglasses are fine. Wash your hands every time you leave and come home and drink lots of water.
My email for people needing help and support, local residents wanting to help whatever skills you have, it could be just phoning up neighbours for company. If you need leaflets or the PDF to print posters to get up in your area email do not be totally dependent on Social media if for whatever reason it has problems just go to your street corner and bang saucepans the old fashioned way until a neighbour hears you and comes to help. PLEASE call friends and relatives across the UK using the many free options to share what you do and help tackle isolation and loneliness, for those able to donate so we can top up gas and electric and make sure people get food, easy to forget huge numbers are being told to take unpaid leave, 3 million kids who get free school meals will not if the school closes, people like you that will need our help, but we get no state or council funding, we have to do what we can as a community. donate here;

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