Friday 28 June 2013

Build the Lenox brillient vision and idea from Julian Kingston do what ever you can to make it happen. he has.

Most small boys think about owning a boat when they grow up, others make millions and buy super crusers based in the med, others potter around the river keeping bees to produce the finest  honey and repair boats in and  on the hidden back waters of Deptford creek.
 Julian Kingston the bee keeping boat builder has turned a truly awesome idea into reality this week.
Julians great idea has been to build the last great war ship build in Deptfords old ship yards and using all the original drawings and plans rebuild the great ship Lenox on Convoy Wharf site,  creating hundreds of jobs, building a global tourist attraction and putting the pride back into Deptford.
 Yes the developer has agreed to the plans  after amazing presentations by his team who have  at last been given space on the site to build the ship, a project that will see massive economic benefit to everyone in South London and will certainly outshine the Cutty Shark at Greenwich this project is truly stunning and we all need to give all the support and help with fund raising and anything else the team needs to build the Lenox.
Thank you for showing the World the talent, the skills and the vision the poor low paid of Deptford have to offer. National Lottery EU money this is the project to Great not to fund.

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