Tuesday 18 June 2013

Convoy Wharf Question from Nicola & Micah Walters Greenwich West People before Profit to Greenwich Council

In light of Convoy Wharf Developers submitting a fresh planning application to Lewisham Council and the huge impact this will have on the residents in Greenwich West, will Greenwich Council join with us and express concern regarding:
·         The unacceptable  low level of affordable Housing, ( Just 8% )
·         Total lack of Jobs for local people ( Deptford has 55% youth unemployment)
·         The failure to address Air Quality and Congestion that will have huge negative impact on Greenwich residents and Business
·         Support our proposal that the roof spaces should be used to generate low cost Energy for local residents whilst using the Commercial space not as more Tesco Metro stores, but as a Green Business, Artistic Hub to generate long term job security and to boost the wider local economy by submitting Greenwich Concerns to Lewisham Councils Planning Committee.
PPlease could the Royal Greenwich Borough inform us of where they stand regarding these matters mentioned above.
 Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you very soon.
 Kind Regards
Micah & Nicola Walters
Greenwich People Before Profit.
Greenwich West Campaign Team. 

You need to submit your Concerns, Objections no later than Monday 1st July 2013
to Planning@lewisham.gov.uk Reference DC/13/83358 Convoy wharf.

People Before Profits Concerns on Jobs Housing and Environment impact as well as Historical importance of site will be on this blog from Monday after we have submitted our Improvements, Objections and concerns to Lewisham Council .

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