Thursday, 20 June 2013

Food Bank why should Church or Trussell Trust expect people to pray for food?.

The main stream media continues to give massive support to Trussel Trust food banks, set up by the Conservative guys who wrote much of the party big society agenda and it seems increasingly as a way of issueing vouchers to the poor instead of emergency cash loans for people in need to decide  how and what they need to buy whilst someone is clearly getting paid a large amount of money to deliver this whilst much of the food is donated by the public unaware of the politics of it all.
We Care food bank in Lewisham &  Greenwich has tried consistantly to gain access to both Sainsbury and Tesco supermarkets as a local charity you would think stores whould support us, after all people buying food at supermarkets boost the stores profit, whilst seeming to be a good friend to the poor. Trussel trust has no problem with supermarket access but restricts food parcels to just 3 visits and at some food banks even expects people to pray with thanks for getting help.
This is truly shameful. most people collecting food have been robbed by the state, having benefit cut or starting new work but have to wait 4 weeks plus for the first pay cheque if the system was fair we would not need food banks, but i am concerned they are being used by the Goverment as a way of reducing its responsability to the people it is elected to serve, and thinks that by throwing crumbs to the poor they will be able to hold back civil unrest  why the Labour party is not making more political gain out of this scandle is a mystery, whilst the party is on many fronts no different from the Conservative party, it does have some wonderful MPs who do understand the issues but seem far to quiet if the public were truly aware about what is going on we may see real action to address the reason why we have Food banks and how we can so easily close. We care covers the whole of Greenwich and Lewisham, we do not judge our client, asking for food is no easy task, we do not get funding from state or Goverment but by members of the public with main costs being met by Housemartins estate agents with most of the staff being members and supporters of the rapidly growing community political movement Lewisham People Before profit.
On this blog you can read how to set up your own Food Bank one which by linking as a charity shop should be sustainable, we welcome visitors and we hope treat our clients as friends and neighbours in need of support not as people needing pity far to many people seem to be getting on the Food Bank wagon, and it looks increasingly like that the agenda they have is not about being a good neighbour.

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We welcome donations of food. Furniture and Cloths. we offer childrens cloths exchange. advice centre and the UKs only Pet Food Bank.
We Care food Banks bank with the Co Op; sort Code 08 92 99 Account number 65659328.

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