Friday 7 March 2014

Millwall Community trust;March 2014 Update. Given just 4 weeks to move in Labour dodgy land deal row.

Millwall community tTrust has been threatened with eviction if its board does not agree to move to another site.The 20 year old Charity that has 25 full time staff and 80 part time staff that runs a staggering 60,000 projects a year has been given just a month to decide if it wants to move from Lions Centre, its current base at Zampa Road, to a planned but as yet unbuilt sports complex in nearby Surrey Canal road.
The future of the MillwallCommunity Trust has been put in jeapody after its plot of land in Zampa Road, was sold by Labour Lewisham to Developers Renewel which has very close links to the Town Hall establishment..
Renewel insisted at a meeting last week that the MCTs 18 year lease on the land, still owned by Labour Lewisham on behalf of local tax payers, will be terminated earlyso it can build fl;ats on the site.
The Board for MCT say they will not budge until Millwall is safe from what locals call another Labour Dodgy land deal.
Millwall Chairman John Berylson said a month ago ;" Lewisham Council cannot create a new MCT wherever they want-only Millwall as a club can get money for it from the football League Trust.
Peter Garston Fan on the board who is seeking re election and is under fire for failing to present the petition he started after the one launched by Lewisham People Before Profit was not presented at full council meeting when fans, community groups, greens and socialists joined together to present over 2000 names as well as responding to Questions put by New Cross Ward Campaigner Ray Woolford on these matters.#
Peter Said; " last week Lewishams deputy Mayor Alan Smith in response to the community attack and outrage at what has been going on with Labour wrote in the south london press that the future of the Millwall Community Scheme was "safeguarded" and they were "making good progress" with it."Now we discover that good progress means Renewel giving the Millwall coimmunity trust a month to surrender its lease on the lions centre!This is absolutely disgracefukl.
"Lewisham Labour Council has previously informed the club that it could even use compulsory purchase order to take this land.
"it is being rushed through so quickly to get it out of the way before the local council elections ibn May.
Fans have been urged to Back Lewisham People Before Profit Council candidates in May who have been with the Fans from the start and who Launched the first online petition and have mobalized awareness and collected signatures and handed out flyers at all resent games as well, as been active menbers of the all party community campaign with fans.
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 South London Press Front Cover exposing Labour Lewisham Dodge land deal
Lewisham People Before Profit Lobby of Town Hall in support of Millwall Community Trust.

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