Wednesday 12 March 2014

New Cross & Deptford Green Energy Co -Op. first meeting feedback.

I hope you’re all well. In this message you’ll find (a) a bit of an update (b) details of the first management committee meeting (c) the website

The Latest
The public meeting on Sunday attracted 30 people. Many thanks to those who helped out. For those of you that couldn't attend, here’s a quick update. The meeting went extremely well and left people feeling excited by the idea of an energy coop. Following a presentation that gave the audience a broad overview of the concept for an urban energy coop there waslively discussion. We then broke up into small groups. The potential for tackling energy poverty and enabling household energy efficiency work was what excited participants most about the project. Small group work enabled participants to suggest partners and venues for solar panels and a name for the co-op. The winning name was EnergiSE cooperative (SE as in South East). I will write up all the feedback from the meeting asap.

The First Management Committee Meeting
Tuesday is overwhelmingly the most popular day for a regular meeting with 6 out of 7 people being able to make Tuesdays. Wednesday came a close second with 5 out of 7 able to make that evening. So, let’s set the date of the first meeting as Tuesday 18th March 7pm. Is 7pm a good time? For the moment let’s say that Tuesdays is subject to revision as a regular meeting day but at least it will get us going. I know that Tuesdays are difficult for you Brigitta but I think I remember you saying that every second Tuesday is possible. There are a few more possible recruits to the management committee that came from the public meeting so watch this space. 

GCDA ( have offered us free meeting space and with support in setting up a legal structure. So can I suggest that we meet in the GCDA meeting room (Greenwich Centre Business Park, 53 Norman Rd, London SE10 9QF). Give me a call if you’re struggling to find it 07769 703191

The Website
Glyn has offered to design a basic website to get us going. We have put together a basic proposal for the website. Is anyone keen to get involved in taking a look at that proposal and providing feedback? Let me know.

All the best


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