Monday 23 June 2014

Deptford Heritage Festival 1-4 May 2015 Latest update June 2014

For decades, Deptford has been misunderstood and dismissed as dreary and dangerous by outsiders who have never really visited the area. To the insider, it is an inner-city secret: mixed, vibrant, historic, arty, with decent values, some fine architecture, and excellent transport connections.

It has a local rooted community, which is highly creative with a real sense of identity, and a totally unpretentious high street and market, where independent shops that serve the needs of a multi-ethnic community still rule the roost.

So it is into this mix that we launch the first and long-overdue Deptford Heritage Festival that is being put together by an awesome team of creative residents who want to reflect on the area's past, its historic importance in the world, and its present diversity through art, walks, history, food, literature, talks, quiz nights, river trips, film, and music, from opera to hip-hop.

Special events will feature key elements from Deptford's remarkable history and the fascinating figures that have shaped it, including Henry VIII and the historic dockyard, John Evelyn and Sayer's Court Gardens, Christopher Marlowe and the intrigue surrounding his death, and the love life of Robert Browning. And we will come right up to date with Dire Straits, who played their first gig in Deptford , Jools Holland, and our inspirational and internationally acclaimed and award-winning poet Kate Tempest. And we will not forget our tragedies, including the New Cross fire and the St John’s train crashes.

The Festival will run from 1-4 May 2015 over the bank holiday weekend.

All money raised will be used to benefit local charities such as the, the Second Wave youth project and others still to be confirmed.

We plan to issue a full list of events this September and hope over the summer to hear from local residents and groups who would be eager to organise events, as well as people willing to offer their services, from local historians and poets to musicians and street artists, to local businesses and venue owners.

Anyone interested in being part of this awesome weekend or who would like to organise an event, please email:

It’s our Deptford. Let’s celebrate its diversity, history and our place in the community we love to call home.

Ray Woolford

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