Tuesday 10 June 2014

Lewisham Food Bank donations.breakfast and Lunch free meal clubs during school holidays

Dear Letters Page.
                                   Many of your readers may have seen briefly the We Care food Bank on this week’s Despatches Breadline kids programme showing the impact of poverty and hunger from a child’s perspective, how could anyone watching this fail to be moved?

We Care has been on the front line of hunger &  poverty for almost 2 years as the situation grows ever more desperate with increasing numbers of people working 40 hour week who after rent, council tax and transport costs have just £7 a week to buy food and live of..

As the summer holidays arrive  teachers alarmed at the number of kids coming to school hungry and going without food at weekends is causing global alarm, whilst We Care  food bank will not allow parents worried sick about how they can put food on the table this holiday, as we did Christmas, Go hungry..

We Care plan to hold breakfast and lunch clubs over the holidays and urgently need safe space that we could use to serve breakfast 2 hours in a morning, and 2 hours for Lunch..we have a plan B if we cannot find a kitchen, but we still need support donations and people to spread the word that any Lewisham Parent presently getting free school meals can come and sign up at the Food Bank .(www.lewishamfoodbank.com)   We  need more collection point for food and donation tins, as we have to buy 99% of all the food we need
We get no state aid, and it is to the Governments shame that they have failed to listen to the Food Poverty lobby
We are extremely concerned about the impact of this stress on parents mental health as well as general well being, as weekends clearly many are feeding the kids what little they have and going without. What will it take for the Public to say what is going on in their name is NOT acceptable and they will not allow this neglect to continue.

To donate We Care are with the Co Op bank  sort code 089299 account number 65659328

Ray Woolford

We Care Food Bank Founder
467 New Crosss Road Deptford SE14

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